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Why I Chose the AT&T 8525 over the iPhone

A few weeks ago, I eluded that I would be talking about my latest phone purchase; a topic that's fun since everyone has a cell phone these days. With so many different options out there in both smart and generic phone varieties, I found this purchase more difficult than any of my previous phones.

Things I didn't know I'd love about the iPhone

I'm that guy. The guy you saw and laughed at in the line growing outside the Apple or AT&T stores last Friday. I blew off work and wasted hours sitting on the sidewalk with other fans waiting for the next shiny thing to drop like an Apple from the Gadget Tree. But it was worth it and now I'm a proud new iPhone owner.

First 40 hours with my new iPhone

Angry Jones: Its 6:30, I've had my iPhone for more than 15 minutes now, why isn't the service activated? I did everything asked of me including dropping my previous carrier after being loyal for 5 years and switching my whole family over - is "the new AT&T" trying to screw me right out of the gate?

Verizon to offer Credit card service on Cell Phone

In this, almost famous, blog article I told you The Japanese have been using cell phones for a couple years now,that allow consumers to purchase any number of goods.

Well it looks like they have finally brought it to the US. Verizon Wireless says it will offer its customers a mobile payment service that lets them use their cell phone as a credit card.

It is not exactly a credit card, but more of a payment service where you use Obopay's mobile payment service to receive, send and spend money via their mobile phones.

iPhone will be available June 29

Are you going to get an IPhone?

Apple Inc.’s highly anticipated iPhone will be available June 29, according to TV commercials broadcast Sunday night and posted on the company’s Web site.

The combination cell phone, media player and wireless Web-surfing device will retail for $499 and $599, depending on configuration. It will be offered exclusively by AT&T Inc.’s wireless division, formerly known as Cingular.

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