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Why can't they invent this too?

I just read about a new feature being introduced in some 2008 cars where the parent can hit one button ("time out" button?) and instantly mute all the A/V going on in the car and... get this... project their voice throughout the cabin!

As a parent, I have to tell you that this is an awesome feature. Its one of those that seems so obvious that you wonder what took them so long to come up with it, especially as it doesn't require any unique technology, just some innovative thought.

Matt's Tech Law #1 - Who Calls Back When a Call is Lost?

Why is it they make cell phones that can take pictures, shoot video, surf websites, send e-mails, and show PowerPoint presentations, but not reliably make phone calls??? If cell phones really were as reliable as Verizon and AT&T said so, then no one would ever drop a call for seemingly no reason. I've got plenty of bars AT&T!

What's funny is that the worst part of dropping a call isn't the fact the call is lost, it's the fact that no one is really sure who's supposed to call back. So what happens? Here's the typical lost call scenario:

Cool Japanese Cell Phone Services

While doing research on this new phone, we came across a lot of cool an interesting services that the Japanese enjoy that we don't have.

Check this stuff out.

Omakase Lock - Lock your phone just by contacting DoCoMo. You can lock your Phonebook and other personal data as well as the "Osaifu-Keitai" IC card function on your phone if you misplace or otherwise loose it.

PushTalk - PushTalk enables up to 5* people* (including the caller ) to participate in a single call. Calls between PushTalk compatible handsets can be made straight away as no application is necessary.

A Wellness Cell Phone?

Just when you thought you had a phone with every cool feature there is, out comes the Wellness Phone.

The prototype Wellness mobile phone from Japan's NTT DoCoMo was unveiled this week at the CEATEC electronics show outside Tokyo.

It can take your pulse, check your body fat, time your jogs and tell you if you have bad breath. It even assesses stress levels and inspires you with a pep talk.

The phone has an inbuilt motion sensor that detects body movement and calculates how many calories you burn.

LG VX-8300 Hacks

I did a bit a research before I decided on my free upgrade phone from Verizon—the LG VX-8300. Why?



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