Toshiba 55" TV. Volume and input buttons acting up.

Hi, today i went to turn the volume up on my tv using the remote that came with my set top box. I pressed the volume up button once  but the volume shot up until I pressed the down button. Then when I tried to turn the TV down to a normal level, I presses the volume down button once and the volume shot down to zero on its own. I then grabbed the remote that came with the TV and the same problem was there. Saying that, I'm convinced it's the TV and not the remotes. I can adjust the volume from the buttons on the TV its self without any issues. The other thing is the input button acts dead when I press it then may or may not work after a few attempts. So, could this be a remote sensor issue, and if so, is it an easy fix? Please if you can reply via email, that would be great. I will try to keep checking back here.    Thanks! Bob..

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