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Your projects have photos, notes, and audio.? How are you keeping it all organized???


As one of the nation’s leading engineering and technology incubators, Innovation Park at...

hello experts! i need help on my tv panasonic tc-21fj20p vertical diode replacement. diode code...


NEC Display is introducing a new line of digital signage displays -- the MultiSync 15 Series.

Innovation Park at Notre Dame Switches to DXNotifi

Innovation Park
As one of the nation’s leading engineering and technology incubators, Innovation Park at Notre Dame is now using DXNotifi from Magenium Solutions to power its digital displays throughout the 55,000 square foot facility.

NETGEAR Orbi WiFi System Review

The following is a review of the Orbi router and satellite (RBK50). We have been having issues with a very old secondary router since moving into our 111-year old house 3 years ago. It seemed like every few days, we would have to reset the secondary router again because it lost its signal. Some days, this included multiple attempts before finally getting a stable connection.

Sony Projection Convergence Problem

Hello Folks,


I Have a Sony Projection screen television KP-57ws510 with a convergence problem. Back in February of 2013 the Convergence IC's took a dump and i replaced them with Oem Sonyo IC's and everything worked great until last week when the convergence went out again.

I opened the back of the television and noticed that one of the convergence chips and its heatsink was ice cold leading me to believe that one of the pico fuses dropped out.

DXNotifi Creates a Better Platform to Engage Audiences

dxNotifyThe human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text – and it takes just 13 milliseconds to see an image. Digital signage is an ideal way to drive communication and create sales opportunities.
Companies across the world are employing it in their offices, stores, and branch locations – and encountering challenges along the way. How do I update dozens, or even thousands of locations simultaneously? How do I track my campaigns? How much expensive architecture will I need to manage the service? DXNotifi has come up with the answer.


Apple is diving into the world of personal finance (in due time) as it has been developing a person to person payment service which will operate under the label of Apple Pay.  This is coming under much speculation as Apple has applied for a patent for their person-to-person payment system which is speculated to be secured by Touch ID.   This brings up an interesting thought of Apple starting a bank.  Although this maybe a far off thought for many Apple users, this push for market share has started the conversation.  With Apples application for a personal transfer system, organizations like PayPal may begin to feel the heat of completion.  



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