Cell phone complaints....

I have been suffering from extreme frustration with my cell phone solution.

I have the Cingular familly plan. The service itself is fine, but the basic phones I got with the plan just STINK. I got the basic Sony Ericsson model last June. I have had to replace phones several different times, and have another one that is dead.

I talked to cingular and they gave me permission over the phone to just go into a store and upgrade to a new phone.

When I got to the store, the only way they would let me upgrade was with a new two year agreement.


I am so incredibly frustrated with these phones, I don't know if I want to continue with Cingular. I am almost ready to pay the money to cancel my contract to go with someone else.


I just want my phone to work. I don't want to play games, or take pictures. Silly me.... I just want to make phone calls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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