review of the motorola V220


I like it better than my last phone. I fail to see the point of having a camera on a cell phone, but the camera is endlessly entertaining to my sons. (They keep taking pictures of the dogs.)


You can see the time and caller ID with the flip phone closed.

The sound quailty is excellent.


Has a usb port to connect to your computer (see con's)


camera quality is poor
screen is smaller than many others

Biggest complaint:

You cannot install even basic functionality of using the phone on your computer without paying an extra 60 dollars to order the tools.

I would like to be able to order tools individually through internet download if I do not want the whole suite.

All I want to do is be able to back up my contact list, and edit it through my computer.

I don't care about uploading camera images, ringtones, etc. Unfortunately you can't get a 30 day trial to determine if you will even use the tools.

(Here is a hint, a standard digitial camera cable fits, so don't buy one if you already have one floating around.)

I think I can download the utilities for a lower cost than ordering the box. I haven't decided if I will bother or not yet.

Does anyone have the utilities? are they worth buying?

(By the way, getting the phone and realizing it does not come with basic utility software felt like buying a new digital camera to find out I would have to order software to be able to move pictures to my computer)


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