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Nokia 3650 help -- thank God for the Russians and Slavs!

I love the Russiand and the Slavs, I really do. Trained in mathematics and electronics, they do things that I find amazing. For example, my Nokia 3650 had a corrupted contacts.cdb file, which you can't edit if you use the phone because the file gets locked on boot.

Furthermore, I couldn't hard reset the phone because I lost the lock code.

Nokai was no help, they wanted $100 and four weeks to flash it. T-Mobile was no help, they couldn't flash the phone and tried the defaults... which I already tried.

At this point I thought I should look into a 3rd party gearhead, when I stumbled upon this: You enter your phone serial, it emits the MASTER SECURITY CODE. How Nokia did not have this, I can't tell you.

WM5 has been killed; long live PPC 2003se

I couldn't take it. WM5 on my Axim 50v was killing me, and the last straw was its attempted murder of my battery.

I got to work in the AM and cabled it to the PC, expecting it to draw power. I came back from a 90 minute meeting to find the power down to 68%. I proceeded to re-connect it, only to find it wouldn't pick up the cable's presence. Now it was draining the battery just by connecting to the USB cable. Processor was stepped down to slowest, nothing running, but I could literally refresh the battery screen and see it degrade.

I shut it down, tried some tweaks off Aximsite. Even worse. I shut it off, brought it home at 6% power remaining. Helpful note: you cannot update the ROM unless you have a battery at 40% or more. Even swapping out the low battery with a fresh one did not matter, because WM5 insisted the new battery was low as well.

Dell Axim 50v and Windows Mobile Five. Ugh.

Dell came through and dropped the promised WM5 upgrade (code named Magneto) in my mailbox, a month late but there it was. I held off doing any upgrading for a personal-record three hours.

I had already known that the upgrade would be bumpy and I had to pay close attention to the warnings throughout the CD readmes. First among all? Your current Dell backup of your Axim will NOT restore to WM5. This sucked, for a variety of reasons:

  1. backing up data was now a manual process using either "Explore" from your ActiveSync connection or copying to a CF/SD card, assumingyou had space

  2. Microsoft and Dell both knew that the upgrade was coming, and had enough time to roll even a one-off data import utility to get that backup restored into WM5 properly

Hey, where ya been?

Flew into West Palm Beach, stayed with relatives in Boynton Beach. Hurricanes aren't a lot of fun in Florida: power is down and sewer pump stations are failing all the time. Got milk? You're a rarity. Publix can't keep enough milk stocked and I wonder if people are drinking it or hoarding it.

The local newspapers cover the situation much better than national media. I suppose the obligatory tech entry here is: use Google's News feature to find out about a subject. It scans local papers and offers more coverage than CNN or FoxNews or BBC News will ever bring to you (eletronically).

I hafta go political today.

I just hate the National Republican Party this morning. Bush doesn't even try to hide his nepotism with the latest nominee for Supreme Court Justice. So you can become the highest-ranking judge in the land... without ever having been a judge?

It's disgusting. It's contemptuous of the American people. He knows his picks will go through without opposition, and unless the Dems use a filibuster to block, we're stuck. And of course, the GOP can nuke the filibuster and then there's NO recourse for whatever stupid policy Bush decides to push next.

I just can't believe half of America voted for this C-student TWICE. I am personally embarassed to call him President.


I gotta know...

...and no one else telling me. The new Dell Axim 51v is out, it has six or seven different reviews published already, and no in-depth coverage of its WiFi abilities. However, I do know more than I ever needed to know about its battery life (improved due to use of more nonvolatile flash RAM), display capabilities (largely unchanged), and new OS, Windows Mobile 5 (as usual, pseudotechies think backing up old OS data should automatically migrate to new OS formats).

Having read the reviews -- Engadget has a collection of the reviews in one of their blog articles -- I can say it's probably the PDA to get if you're buying new today and have the extra cash.



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