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iPhone will be available June 29

Are you going to get an IPhone?

Apple Inc.’s highly anticipated iPhone will be available June 29, according to TV commercials broadcast Sunday night and posted on the company’s Web site.

The combination cell phone, media player and wireless Web-surfing device will retail for $499 and $599, depending on configuration. It will be offered exclusively by AT&T Inc.’s wireless division, formerly known as Cingular.

See their ad here.

Security for Swiping Cell Phones a good deal?

The Japanese have been using cell phones for a couple years now that allow consumers to purchase any number of goods.
They do this by simply swiping their phone instead of a credit card. Cell phones embedded with smart cards are placed near a touch pad reader.

This enables it to perform the function of a credit card.

Nothing new really. But what has happened is it has caused a problem with Cell Phone Stealing.
If you get access to someone's cell phone you can easily buy whatever you want by simply swiping their phone.

This has lead to other inventions to prevent this and several companies are coming up with ways to prevent this.

WM5 has been killed; long live PPC 2003se

I couldn't take it. WM5 on my Axim 50v was killing me, and the last straw was its attempted murder of my battery.

I got to work in the AM and cabled it to the PC, expecting it to draw power. I came back from a 90 minute meeting to find the power down to 68%. I proceeded to re-connect it, only to find it wouldn't pick up the cable's presence. Now it was draining the battery just by connecting to the USB cable. Processor was stepped down to slowest, nothing running, but I could literally refresh the battery screen and see it degrade.

I shut it down, tried some tweaks off Aximsite. Even worse. I shut it off, brought it home at 6% power remaining. Helpful note: you cannot update the ROM unless you have a battery at 40% or more. Even swapping out the low battery with a fresh one did not matter, because WM5 insisted the new battery was low as well.

Dell Axim 50v and Windows Mobile Five. Ugh.

Dell came through and dropped the promised WM5 upgrade (code named Magneto) in my mailbox, a month late but there it was. I held off doing any upgrading for a personal-record three hours.

I had already known that the upgrade would be bumpy and I had to pay close attention to the warnings throughout the CD readmes. First among all? Your current Dell backup of your Axim will NOT restore to WM5. This sucked, for a variety of reasons:

  1. backing up data was now a manual process using either "Explore" from your ActiveSync connection or copying to a CF/SD card, assumingyou had space

  2. Microsoft and Dell both knew that the upgrade was coming, and had enough time to roll even a one-off data import utility to get that backup restored into WM5 properly

I gotta know...

...and no one else telling me. The new Dell Axim 51v is out, it has six or seven different reviews published already, and no in-depth coverage of its WiFi abilities. However, I do know more than I ever needed to know about its battery life (improved due to use of more nonvolatile flash RAM), display capabilities (largely unchanged), and new OS, Windows Mobile 5 (as usual, pseudotechies think backing up old OS data should automatically migrate to new OS formats).

Having read the reviews -- Engadget has a collection of the reviews in one of their blog articles -- I can say it's probably the PDA to get if you're buying new today and have the extra cash.

PDA - on loan from techlore

I thought I would really use this a lot. I do, any time I can't find my remote control. It will run my dvd player. (For some reason it has trouble with the TV and I can't find the remote from the TV to use to program it.)

I thought it would be an easy way to check my email, but the security on it is not high enough to check my work email, and gmail doesn't support the format.

Works great with hotmail though.

I had fun with it for two days. Now it just sits in the cradle on my desk. I guess this is just not the gadget for me. I have tried palm pilots in the past with the same reaction. The novelty wears off, I quit bothering.

(Heck, half the time I need to call my cell phone to find it.)

I'm enjoying my new heart rate monitor and my new dryer though....



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