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Pre-ness Envy: Will iPhone Users Defect to Palm's Shiny New Superstar?

I hate it when new cellphones come out.  Even if I'm happy with the one I already own, I inevitably lust after whatever's new, eagerly rationalizing the extra costs involved, and at some points in the past, even considered owning two phones (and on two occasions, actually did.)  Which is, like poodles and most vacations to Vegas, wasteful yet entertaining.

As such, here begins a new chapter in my endless gadgetry novel... the Palm Pre.  I'm seriously wondering whether Apple/AT&T is going to lose some customers over this little beauty... there's a lot that it does that's really tempting.  Here's some of the reasons why I (and probably others) would consider defecting to the Palm-side...

My Name Is Peter, and I'm An App User

An iPhone App user, to be exact.  I'm starting to feel like I've become some kind of social pariah simply for owning and using my iPhone.  Since when do I have to explain myself?  I guess it's because a lot of iPhone users are jerks.

I saw this article today, about those who have become "app-noxious."  Some of the behavior is deplorable, but I'd like to make my case for iPhone apps... when used with some sense.

Review Of Skype App For iPhone

Huzzah... now I won't have to buy an extra handset!

Skype Application for iPhone 3G

I've been using Skype for quite a while now, for both business and personal calls.  It's a beautiful service, really, allowing me to make crystal-clear calls around the U.S. & Canada for virtually nothing (about $3 USD per month total for the service plus $20 USD per year for my own local number.)  If you hadn't read my previous entry, see my other reasons why Skype is teh awesome.

iPhone 3.0 Preview Teases With Much Needed Copy/Paste... And More

The iPhone just keeps getting better and better.  Each and every "major" upgrade since the inception of the beloved candybar has brought much needed features, and admittedly, some that should have always been there in the first place.

No matter what side of the issue you're on, iPhone 3.0 promises to be a significantly useful upgrade.  There's a TON of new features and I won't cover them all, but I figured I'd weigh in on some of the most-desired additions.

iPhone 3.0 Upgrade

Review Of OtterBox Defender Case For iPhone 3G: Bulletproof Protection


Well... not literally, of course.  I imagine that shooting an OtterBox case point blank would probably cause at least a little bit of irreversible damage.  Of course, I'm pretty sure it can handle just about everything else you throw at it.

Which Cellphone (Or Smartphone) Should I Buy?

This is a very common question that I get nowadays, being a huge mobile gadget geek and all.

Question:  Which cellphone should I buy?

Seems like a pretty simple question - buy what you like, right?  However, this is all too common of a mistake.  Once you purchase your shiny new communicator, you feel pretty good toting it about like a proud new parent... only to discover months later that it's missing a crucial feature or has some extremely annoying habits that you can't stand.  As such, the question of which mobile to purchase is more complicated than it seems... especially with all the new (and sometimes wacky) choices out there.



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