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LG Voyager - Member Review

LG Voyager Review

1998 Cell Phone Holster the Best Choice for Modern PPC/Phone Hybrids?

File this in the "wacky but true" folder...

After months of scouring both web and retail stores, evaluating and trying tons of different products, I finally found a suitable holster for my HTC Hermes (aka AT&T 8525). However, I didn't find it at a cell phone store, consumer electronics chain, or specialty web store. And believe it or not, it turns out the best case for my mucho-expensive high-tech modern cell phone would only cost me less than ten bucks on sale.

How-To: Motorola v3 Housing Change

Skyfire, You Could Be My Hero

I like a lot of things about the iPhone, but the one thing it does I'm totally jealous of is how it handles mobile web browsing. Practically porting a desktop web browser wasn't only smart, it was brilliant. As of this moment, nothing holds a candle to iPhone's web support... unless what I've seen of Skyfire comes true.

Will the iPhone Be Fair Game?



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