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TV Freedom


TV industry facts, perspectives and info from an insider, cord cutting recommendations and solutions for the masses, the business of TV delivery, little-known regulatory items that will have major effects on consumers (and consumers have no voice), the technology of TV delivery, antenna expertise, DVR+ expertise.

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Caffeinated Pixels

Fueled by obscene amounts of coffee and a love for all things 8-bit and shiny, Pete wants to share his experiences with you. He'll try not to twitch and fidget too much, so as to not distract you from sharing his Apple vs. PC thoughts and comparisons, wistful yearning for a return to classic gaming, and focused spout-offs inspired by a life circling around computers, video games, and gadgets.

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Geeks on Gizmos

Join us, the Geeks from "Gizmos for Geeks", as we bring you a taste (well, more like a mouthful) of the latest in our featured gizmos, raves, and rants. More than just a gadget blog, GfG's calling card is the "Gizmo of the Day", and also features coupons and deals, reviews, news, and more!

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Ask the Experts

Does your device have a feature that you're not sure how to use or what it does? Confused about a technology term? Did a salesman tell you something you don't think is true? Submit your question to the TechLore Experts for clear answers to your technology questions.

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The HP MediaSmart Experience with Lou Jacob

Follow along as a newcomer experiences the HP MediaSmart EX495 and Windows Home Server for the very first time, documenting his experience setting up and integrating it into his life.

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The Tech's Files

I see technology only after the chalk outline has been drawn on the floor. Follow me through the word of repair and learn the gritty truth about technology.

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Buying, Learning, Owning Gadgets

We all have questions whether its about TVs, MP3 players, DVRs, smartphones, or digital cameras. Sure, buying the right gadget can be tough but it doesn't stop there. Just learning a new device can sometimes be tricky and you'll want to find new ways to use it over the months and years. We created TechLore to help you get the most out of your gear - someone needed to do it and we think this Community is the best solution. In this Blog we will share our vision and engage our members to help build the best resource for the millions of us who need answers!

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Regarding New Technology

Stop by and learn about new and interesting changes or latest news in the technology world. Here we won't be focusing on any one thing, device or gadget, but we will be keeping you informed on the ever-changing world of technology! So check back here often to see some things that you won't find on other sites!

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