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  • Reply to: Sony RX100 III vs RX100 IV comparison, what’s the different?   11 months 1 day ago
    Very good, I found the answer, this is an article about the contrast between the two. If you are interested, you can check it out.
  • Reply to: How to Connect Multiple PCs to LCD TV   11 months 4 days ago
    When I connect the LCD TV with my PC, the printer that is connected to my device suddenly stops. Shall I go through and try to troubleshoot my printer or take some other steps?
  • Reply to: Sony DVP-CX985V Megachanger wont spin up DVDs   11 months 3 weeks ago

    OK, Well an old topic but what the Hey---I sill use this Sony, even though most of the time, these days, I stream.

    I thought the butter as lubrication was pretty interesting.&nbsp; I would definably have gone with something like the <strong>Tri-Flow</strong>---which was microscopic silicate ball-bearings in Silicon colloid suspension. Nowadays tri-flow is just another petroleum product.

    This Sony had HDMI when we, none of us, even knew what HDMI was :-)

    Anyway Why-not, I&#39;ve been a computer geek, Enterprise IT since 1980; I started working on an IBM 360 at /JSC, the same year I built my first PC..Radio-Shack Mod I. My career Enterprise and my Hobby,&nbsp; have gone hand in hand ever since. I like to tell kids today that I&#39;ve forgotten more than they will ever know; Unfortunately it&#39;s true.&nbsp; I&#39;ve forgotten more thanI'll ever know as well.

    I have my own innovative solution to the situation you describe.&nbsp; Smartphones can do a lot, especialy if you root an android,; but this one task requires something a little different--Like a<strong> Palm Pilot lllxe</strong> with 8 Meg of memory. What I did one day was create a Macro on my Palm Pilot that completely programs my Sony 400.&nbsp; I have a 300 CD Changer, also programmable but Both will loose all their programming if they lose power.

    So my Palm Pilot, still working---I just point it at the Sony and go to lunch or Dinner; It just feeds IR signals to the Sony one at a time until it's all programmed the way I want it.; It WAS a pain creating those Super Macros--but I only had to do it once; Actually I created a few different program &quot;theme;

    NO DVD STILL, has a super long life on the optical eye; For some time Hong Kong was selling the Optical reader for this Sony.; Not sure if they still do; I see Ebay has some sellers who still carry the 3 critical belts for this unit; Usually the optical heads give way before anything else.

    Sony created some Incredible well designed and engineered Electronic, till they started planting "spyware" chips in their consummer goods. I've neve rhad a Sony anything that I didnt think was well made. Still have my Sony Mini-CD Players :-). The Programming interface is very primitive but this thing was WAY ahead of it's time in so many areas of engineering. Programming is What I do--or at least did for the first 20 years of my Career. Moved to NYC, worked for Wall Street--Still Enterprie IT, but they shoved me in Middle Management. I like the hands-on. I can stand the rain!

    And no I don't use Twitter or Facebook nor do I thumb Text messages on a "Smart"Phone. I will not be constrained by 140 characters! lol

  • Reply to: JVC Stuck in Standby   1 year 1 month ago
    My 32" TV, 2 years old, now permanently stauck in stand-by. Powered off for days, changed remote batteries, tested every button. No use. Very bad - any help greatly appreciated, Thanks Jon  

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