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  • Reply to: Do LCD TVs Burn In?   1 week 3 days ago
    NOT TRUE. Careful about making definitive statements. I have a 52" DYNEX LCD and I watch one station only usually, it is a news/weath and plays music 24/7. the problem is there is one square red logo in the center of the screen that never moves. It has now started to burn its way into the screen. I noticed it one day watching netflix. I can just barely make out the logo, thats how I knew it was burning itself in.   Whatever term you want to use, "memory" or "burn" it CAN HAPPEN.   FYI  
  • Reply to: RCA TV stuck in Hospital Mode   2 weeks 10 hours ago
    On the remote Go to Menu, then go to lock (do not push on anything at this time) press 1  multipe times  Host Diagnostics appear on screen  press cero then yes and you're done.  
  • Reply to: Emerson TV problem   2 weeks 10 hours ago
    Problem is the switch key. Replace capacitors C4051 and C4056  with 4.7uf 10v.  Use a heat gun to remove the capacitors.
  • Reply to: RCA tv forgotten parental code   2 weeks 1 day ago
    It’s a 65

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