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    Anyone found the solution to this yet? My cousin Bertie is experiencing the same thing.
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    Thanks for the tip!
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    Hmm, was wondering aboout the same thing. Hope someone could help with this.
  • Reply to: 62" sony projection tv model #kp-61V25   2 weeks 3 days ago
    You did the right thing, and I hope your set is still running right now, in 2018.  And no, the fuse blew for a reason, and your tech fixed that reason.  Your fuse would have blown again as soon as you turned it on again, or maybe even somewhat later, as those ICs sometimes take a little while of being intermittent before they short internally and blow the fuse.  But once it starts blowing fuses it won't stop.  You did the right thing. These CRT RPTVs have been lasting line nobody's business.  They keep going, and going, and going... I still have one, it's a Mit WS 73517, last of its kind.  Aside from a noise problem with the signal board when new and fully covered by warranty, it has been purring like a kitten ever since.  I just had an inquiry about this KP model and I go over there at noon.  I suspect it will be the same thing, and I will be encouraging the owner to plunk down and get it fixed, like you did.  The price you paid was excellent, seeing as how replacing your set would have been head and shoulders more expensive.   Yes I am in the biz and have a self interest in repairing these sets.  But the facts speak for themselves - these sets are lasting seemingly forever.  One Panasonic CRT based TV I heard of was still going strong at 29 years old.  Nothing can touch their longevity among today's short-lived TVs. If you have a CRT based TV and want to keep it, I may be the only tech around willing to work on them, but I am here for you.  Google Mr Bob Image Perfection and let's talk.

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