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DS Lite - fun new handheld

The nintendo DS has just undergone an overhaul. Now we have the DS lite, which is lighter weight, and brigheter than the previous model. It is a comfortable fit in your hands, closes to protect the screen, has decent sound which can be connected to headphones or speakers. It plays the two most recent formats of nintendo games, and boasts built in wireless capability so that you can play with your friends, or you can set it up to work over a wireless network and play over the Internet.

From the current games, I have nintendogs (lab and friends) and brain age, both of which I really like. This is a great hand held system, very affordable compared to the psp. I love the touch screen, and the microphone voice recognition.

Eye Toy

I just got the Eye Toy for the PS2, with the kinetics game.
It is a competitor for the Yourself!Fitness game that I reviewed last year.
I like it. It is much more interactive then yourself fitness. It has aerobic and fighting games that let you interact with the screen through the camera.
If you like video games, you will probably enjoy this game more. BUT it is only available on the PS2. If you want a fitness game for the PC or Xbox, Yourself!Fitness is still the way to go. If you prefer exercise videos to interactive games, you will like Yourself!Fitness better than Kinetics. With yourself fitness, you get a new workout everyday in the style of an exercise video.
Things Yourself!Fitness does better:
Tells you how many calories you burned
Lets you change the intensity of your workout
Tests your fitness level

What I have been waiting for....

Last year when we were talking about PDA's I predicted a more integrated product, with a large hard drive.

Now, the first version of what I have been waiting for has been released.

Meet the Creative Vision M

It has a beautiful High resolution screen for photo and video content.

A 30 GIG hard drive.

MP3 player.

Voice recorder for notes.

and it syncs with Outlook!

Finally - a device to combine a pda, mp3 player, portable hard drive, video player and voice recorder all in one. This the first expensive pocket size computing device that I have bought for myself. I just ordered in Hot Pink. :-)

So... I will eagerly await its arival. I will report back once I get it.

Network MP3 player

I just got the MP101 Wireless Digital music player. So far I am kind of lukewarm on it. I don't know if the problem is on my computer, my network set up or the product it self. I will play with it more this weekend and update my review if I can get it working the way I want it to.

Why did I buy it:
Well the promise of the product is that you can load software (included) onto as many computers as you want in your house. Then using the MP101, and its included remote control, you can play your music on your stereo system. It works with both wired and wireless computers. I wanted to be able to play music on my stero system that I hadn't been using since I had ripped all my cd's to my computer.

Dance Pads - just some general thoughts

1.)The metal pads will last the longest (I want one)

2.) The really cheap 20 dollar pads wear out quickly

3.) Getting the dance pads with the zipper in foam liner makes dancing way more comfortable

4.) Some of the better pads (around the 80 dollar price range) are so sensitive you will do better if you don't stand in the center of the pad, but balance between moves on the left and right arrows.

5.) No pad is effective when your dog is also trying to dance on the pad at the same time. (She just doesn't get it, it looks like so much fun, why can't she play also?)


If you are not sure how much you will play start with a pad in the 30 dollar range that has zip in foam padding. If you find you will play it a lot, try to get a metal one.

Metal ones are the only ones to wear shoes with.

Phillips Shoqbox

A new take on the traditional MP3 player. This has an FM tuner, holds either 256 or 512 MB, depending on which on eyou buy. Acts as a speaker system for other MP3 players. Has a rechargable battery and carrying case.

I got one for my husband to listen to while he works out in the garage, or whenever he doesn't want headphones. He had wanted a new clock radio and I thought this would be a nice step up from his last one. I don't know how good the sound is yet, but I will let you know.



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