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Ten Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Fifty Bucks or Less

There's nothing harder than holiday shopping on a budget, especially when you're shopping for someone that loves cool gadgets. Gadget shopping on a budget is so tough that most of us take the easy way out and just pick up a gift card at a local electronics store. And while gift cards are nice, it doesn't have the same flair as actually handing over a cool gadget.

You sadistic parent!

You sadistic parent!

I meant I wouldn't do that to my kid!
I don't have one. I'm still ok :))

Holy Digital Era!

If I die before I wake
Pray the Lord my soul to take
Or give me at least a USB Bible!
So you guessed! It's an USB Holy Bible.
No comment.

From the guys from Red Ferret:
And the link to the product:



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