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I hafta go political today.

I just hate the National Republican Party this morning. Bush doesn't even try to hide his nepotism with the latest nominee for Supreme Court Justice. So you can become the highest-ranking judge in the land... without ever having been a judge?

It's disgusting. It's contemptuous of the American people. He knows his picks will go through without opposition, and unless the Dems use a filibuster to block, we're stuck. And of course, the GOP can nuke the filibuster and then there's NO recourse for whatever stupid policy Bush decides to push next.

I just can't believe half of America voted for this C-student TWICE. I am personally embarassed to call him President.


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Type 2 diabetes is one of the fastest growing health problems in the United States. It is frequently progressive, getting harder to control the longer you have it.

Type 2 diabetes is characterized by the inability of the body to use insulin properly (insulin resistance.) Over time, some type two diabetics require insulin shots to help control their diabetes.

(Type one diabetics cannot produce insulin, but they may over time become insulin resistant. Type two may have their pancreas quit producing insulin and wear out, so it is possible to have characteristics of both at the same time.)

I am a type two diabetic, and have been for about 6 years. Yesterday I started a new medication, which is a major breakthrough in the treatment of type two diabetes.

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Well... this is my first post so I'm a little nervous.
In my blog I will try to bring you the latest news, trends and some weird gadgets. I write for an IT magazine in Romania so that's what I do best. I hope to be usefull to the community and sometimes make you smile (part of it will be from my poor English).

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Bring on the Jargon!

Technology is both a blessing and a curse, though I tend to usually be in the camp petitioning that it's more often the former. But lately I've been wondering if a lot of the problem isn't the technology, but the way we talk about it.

People sometimes accuse me of using jargon when I speak about technical matters. This is a necessity - I'm often talking about things and concepts that are not easily describable in everyday language. What people often misunderstand is that I'm not being overly technical when I talk - I'm being exactly as technical as I have to be. "Jargon" doesn't confuse things - quite the contrary. It makes things clearer.

When talking about (or to) machines, precision is required. Machines can't "do what we mean, not what we say." By my reckoning, this is the basis of probably 90% of people's frustration with machines.



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