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How do you become a Beta Tester for software or hardware?

The first question is "Why would anyone want to be a Beta tester?"

The hardware or software has problems, and you have to spend time finding, reporting and resolving issues. Sometimes it takes a whole bunch of your time. It also takes away from your personal time, that and you can't make any real money doing it. Then, in most cases, you can't even tell anyone you are a tester.

So why is it that when a company that puts out a beta test tons of people clamor to become testers?

So a small introduction..

Without long drawn out things you do not have time to read:

Summers coming! Is your Pool TV Ready?

Even though it is still cold in some parts of the country summer is definitely coming. Just sooner is some places than others.
But are you ready to watch TV or movies in your backyard or your pool?

If not here is a nifty, relatively inexpensive setup.

Do a little shopping and you can get your self:

Test scores not higher for students

why can’t johnny readI realize this is not a new gadget and has nothing to do with emerging technology. But I thought this was very interesting.

I have always considered computer software for education as a great break through and would improve any students knowledge and test scores. But I could have been wrong...

According to this new report software used by elementary and high school children doesn't appear to improve test scores for reading and mathematics.

Help customize your own community site

I blog on new and interesting things in the technology world. But I would be remiss in not talking about this site you are on right now. The setup they use is, IMHO, one of the more advanced places where you can interact with others and gain information. On this site there is alot of talk about new gadgets and toys. There is also tons of questions and good answers.

But, wouldn't it be sweet if you could go to a community site, find articles, blogs and forums that not only have items you like to read, but also has articles and blogs that pertain to what you want to see, not what the site's author's or advertisers want you to read? Then put these importamt articles on the front page. Not buried under a ton of uninteresting stuff.

Get connected to "One-Day-Deals"

On saleYou ever wonder how people are buying things and getting them for a lot less than you paid?
One of the way folks do this is by searching or watching "One Day Deals"
It seems that these sites are popping up all over the internet right now. You probably won't find these sites by searching for the particular item you are looking for.
These items come and go so fast that search engines can't find them before they are gone.



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