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You sadistic parent!

You sadistic parent!

I meant I wouldn't do that to my kid!
I don't have one. I'm still ok :))

Holy Digital Era!

If I die before I wake
Pray the Lord my soul to take
Or give me at least a USB Bible!
So you guessed! It's an USB Holy Bible.
No comment.

From the guys from Red Ferret:
And the link to the product:

E-Paper gets bigger

Check this out!
Plastic Logic developed 10 inch e-paper based on E-Ink technology (of course...). They claim that it's the biggest in the world. If you think that Samsung declared last week that they have developed the largest and it was a crapy 7 inch one, my choice is Plastic Logic.
This thing has a 100 pixels/inch resolution and it's capable of displaying texh and images with 4 tones of gray. They say nothing about the speed of the display.

Here it is...

P.S. Are this things ever going to be in colour?!

Intel guitar???

This thing smells funny. An electric guitar with Intel Centrino Mobile technology? And seems like Intel teamed up with Fender for this. So the ideea is that you cand download all sorts of sounds on the go and can browse the web in between songs. I'm a guitar player but I wouldn't buy that in a million years (although maibe in the future I won't have a choice). I got this from Pocket Lint and they even have a statement from Chris Hogg, Intel UK Marketing Manager so I don't know what to think anymore. Do you remember the Intel Surfboard?

Here's the original article from the brits:

First 1080p DVD player?

Seems like the Marantz DV9600 DVD player is the first to deliver 1080p high definition video signal. There are a few HD projectors on the market that could make a good team with this one like Fujitsu LPF-D711 ( The Marantz player also converts the DVD standard images into 720p and 1080(i or p; doesn't say) HD quality which is pretty interesting.
Only 2100$ (ouch!)
All the specs are here:



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