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Ten Great Holiday Gift Ideas

Christmas is coming, and odds are you haven't yet finished your holiday shopping. Let's face it, knowing what your spouse, child, or relative wants isn't always crystal clear. Sure, you could go wandering the shopping malls, desperately trying to find the "perfect gift", only to find a pair of cheap socks and a sweatshirt that says, "<-- I'm With Stupid", but why do that when you can get some great gift ideas here at TechLore?

E-Paper gets bigger

Check this out!
Plastic Logic developed 10 inch e-paper based on E-Ink technology (of course...). They claim that it's the biggest in the world. If you think that Samsung declared last week that they have developed the largest and it was a crapy 7 inch one, my choice is Plastic Logic.
This thing has a 100 pixels/inch resolution and it's capable of displaying texh and images with 4 tones of gray. They say nothing about the speed of the display.

Here it is...

P.S. Are this things ever going to be in colour?!

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Hey, where ya been?

Flew into West Palm Beach, stayed with relatives in Boynton Beach. Hurricanes aren't a lot of fun in Florida: power is down and sewer pump stations are failing all the time. Got milk? You're a rarity. Publix can't keep enough milk stocked and I wonder if people are drinking it or hoarding it.

The local newspapers cover the situation much better than national media. I suppose the obligatory tech entry here is: use Google's News feature to find out about a subject. It scans local papers and offers more coverage than CNN or FoxNews or BBC News will ever bring to you (eletronically).

I hafta go political today.

I just hate the National Republican Party this morning. Bush doesn't even try to hide his nepotism with the latest nominee for Supreme Court Justice. So you can become the highest-ranking judge in the land... without ever having been a judge?

It's disgusting. It's contemptuous of the American people. He knows his picks will go through without opposition, and unless the Dems use a filibuster to block, we're stuck. And of course, the GOP can nuke the filibuster and then there's NO recourse for whatever stupid policy Bush decides to push next.

I just can't believe half of America voted for this C-student TWICE. I am personally embarassed to call him President.




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