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Get connected to "One-Day-Deals"

On saleYou ever wonder how people are buying things and getting them for a lot less than you paid?
One of the way folks do this is by searching or watching "One Day Deals"
It seems that these sites are popping up all over the internet right now. You probably won't find these sites by searching for the particular item you are looking for.
These items come and go so fast that search engines can't find them before they are gone.

Control your Computer with just your eyes

A new system is being developed by a JapanComputerese professor where PC users can input text simply by looking at an on-screen keyboard.
Professor Arai Kohei of Saga University's Faculty of Science and Engineering has developed this system.

When the you gaze at a character for one second, the system inputs the appropriate character. It does this by using a miniature camera, detecting your line of sight and then inputting the character you are looking at.

On With Gambo and Ash

If you don't know, I also do a sports blog on Slingcommunity and my personal blog and I just wanted to post this here incase there are other techophiles that live in the Phoenix area and want to stop by and say hi.

Here is the post.

If you live in the Phoenix area, check out the Gambo and Ash show tomorrow. They are currently the hottest afternoon sports talk radio team in Arizona.
I will be taking part in their show, which airs on KTAR radio.


What a Ride!

spill your popcorn

Recently at the Barrett-Jackson auto auction in Scottsdale, Arizona I had the chance to test and talk to the folks at Custom Theater Solutions.

They are the creators of a new and impressive custom motion seating design. After testing - actually riding - in their new setup, all I can say is their motion seating puts you into the movie like never before!

Hi Def - Get paid for digital-to-analog converter!

We all know that Hi-Def is the way to go and that Digital television will provide consumers with a clearer picture.

But did you know that more programming will be available and it will free up much needed spectrum for advanced wireless broadband services and inter operable communications among emergency first responders?
That being said, what about the folks that need a digital-to-analog converter?



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