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Getting Started to Repair Your TV Set - The Ins and Outs

Want to see new gadgets? Go to DigitalLife in NYC next week!

For most people who aren't fortunate enough to work in the consumer electronics industry, it's not all that easy to get "hands-on" with the latest gadgets and games until they hit the store shelves.  Even then, the only people you get to talk to are the store representatives.  Enter DigitalLife.

Extended Warranties - Do I Really Need One?

The Purchase

You're in the store, looking at all the shiny new TVs and electronic equipment, comparing, and then finally decide you want to buy the 52” DLP Projection set. On the way to the checkout, the salesman asks, “Would you like the extended warranty with this set?” Not knowing much about this you say, “Do I need it?”

2006 International CES - Focus on Concept, Not Product

Las Vegas is the hot place to be in early January. Every year, thousands of manufacturers from all over the world gather together for the International Consumer Electronics Show, now the largest product exposition on the planet. Among the casinos, lights, and entertainment that Las Vegas is famous for, industry professionals are getting a sneak peek at the latest and greatest gadgets the coming year has to offer.

Back from CES, Pondering Big Thoughts



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