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My Favorite Apps For Twitter-ing My Life Away

Well, I can't say I Twitter my life away.  More accurately, Twitter has become a part of my life, both personally and professionally.  I've found great enjoyment in following tweets of those I know personally, and some that I know only by a pseudonym or an avatar.  I'm always looking for that great link, amusing experience, or quirky photo to post.  I've read news and learned about great new apps through Twitter.  It's also become an indispensable tool for networking with and growing online communities.

I'd like to share my 2 cents on the best Twitter clients out there - which ones are your favorites?

Review of the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 - Netbook Heaven

What is it with tiny electronics?

For some reason, the more Lillputian, the more attractive they are to me.  I don't mean so small the product is unusable, like a flip phone the size of a peanut or a laptop the size of a checkbook - but compact enough that the small size is actually a benefit.

Even though I'm in love with my MacBook (despite some of its issues) I caught the "mini" bug about a few months ago.  Seeing boatloads of reviews of netbook computers wore me down, and I finally pulled the trigger.

Highlights Of My First CES In 2009

I'd been in Vegas before, and what a crazy place it is.  It was about 5 years ago, for a nationwide manager's conference.  I was stuffed into the Flamingo like a sardine in a can with almost 300 other employees, with 4 days of nonstop meeting days and 4 nights of nonstop... studying... for the next meeting.

But let me tell you, I have never been so exhausted from a work related journey than I was after CES 2009.  Had I followed some sage advice, I probably would have been better off... but no, I lugged around that heavy bag and wore dress shoes.  My feet still hurt and my shoulders were sore for days.  I actually wore holes through brand new socks.

How Should I Back Up My Media And Data Files?


You may know the feeling.  That sinking feeling you get deep in your gut that tells you something just went horribly, horribly wrong with your computer.  It's usually confirmed when you navigate to your photos, music, or documents folder and find... that... it's... EMPTY.  Or maybe you try to access the file and get some strange error, or your computer locks up, never to be resurrected again.

Because of this type of devastating occurrence, one of the most common questions I get is:  "How should I back up files on my computer?"  You'd think it would be easy, but the truth is that there are a lot of ways to safeguard your digital loot - and I'd like to help make a little more sense of them.

From Acer's Aspire One to the MSI Wind... A Netbook Buyer's Guide

Even though I'm a Mac guy at heart, even I'll admit that I would like to get a netbook this Christmas.  Indeed, packed with power and light on the wallet, netbooks make a great gift for the laptop-hungry on a budget.  I might even gift one to myself sometime soon!



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