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Evernote Review - A Perfect Compliment To Post-Its

Yeah, I'm that guy.  That guy that has Post-It notes scattered all over his monitor and desk, of all different colors.  I'll grab a piece, jot down a note, only to complete the task minutes later and throw away the note.  I'll think of something when I get a glass of water at 2AM, jot it down on my work desk, and go back to bed.

Since I can make these notes so quickly, and I'm so obsessive about it, it really boosts my productivity.  I don't forget things nearly as often, and frankly, I have about 1,000 things to remember at any given time, so that says a lot.  My note-taking has helped me amplify my multi-tasking and prioritizing abilities, too.

Who Needs A Landline? Top 5 Reasons Why Skype Totally Rules

Conference calls, talking to my friends and co-workers, and a relatively small minutes plan from AT&T have led to my rapid burning-through of rollover minutes.

Seeing my stash deplete like leftover Chinese food foolishly forgotten and left unattended in the fridge, I decided to make a radical move:  get Skype.

Why was this radical, you say?  Well, I had heard that, in some situations, the quality is questionable.  In others, call drops have been experienced.  In other words, I had been hearing from all angles that the service is sketchy.

Let me tell you - for the past few weeks, it has been GREAT, and I'd like to tell you the top reasons why I'm so pleased with my first experiences with Skype.

How To Repair A Scratched CD or DVD

We've all experienced it before... let me set the scene for you:

You've been salivating, waiting, pining over Final Fantasy VII for PlayStation.  (Remember?)  Deciding to try it out before you buy it, you decide to rent out the LAST COPY from your local video store.  Heading home like the proud fanboy or fangirl that you are, clutching your plastic rental case full of RPG gaming goodness, you simply CAN'T WAIT.

You arrive home, giggling and overjoyed, only to find that the disc... won't... play. 


Apple MobileMe Review & First Experience

As many other Apple fans, I eagerly awaited the release of the MobileMe service, which was scheduled to go live on July 11th.

For those not "in the know," the MobileMe service from Apple, in their words, is "Exchange for the rest of us."  Here is a short list of the features that the MobileMe service promised to users:

Top 5 Things That I Love About eMusic

Like many music lovers out there, I've gone completely digital.

This statement really carries a lot of weight to it.  I remember lugging around my Sony Walkman cassette (yikes) player when I was a kid.  I thought it was so cool to listen to that Astralwerks sampler tape on my cheesy little headphones in the back of my parents' minivan.  Go-go ancient techno!

Great Ways to Send, Receive or Share Large Files

We get this question quite a bit. "How can I send this file to..(put name here)........" and our answer always depends on the abilities of the person asking the question.
There are tons of ways to send, share or receive files. But most folks are looking for an easy way to do it and also don't do it very often.

So we decided to put together a list of some of the ways you can send files. Some of them require additional programs to be installed and some don't.



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