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Monsoon Vulkano Flow Review - Place-Shifting Isn't Dead Yet

OtterBox Reflex iPhone 4 Case Review

OtterBox is a great company that makes great products, make no mistake. They've grown considerably over the years, but always seem to maintain that friendly, next-door family owned business feel. They're also known for innovative cases for gadgets and mobile devices that are unique as well as super-strong, protective, and often water resistant or waterproof. Like an otter's fur, of course. And who doesn't love otters? You don't? THE HUMANITY!

Apple's iPad 2: Incremental Money Grab or Must Have Upgrade?

For every raving Apple fan who will be camping outside their local Apple Store, there's a naysayer dissing Steve Jobs and the fruit collective, and the release of the iPad 2 is bringing no different behavior.

Review of Powermat iPhone 4 Wireless Charger and Powermat 2X


Any iPhone user knows that even the newest member of the family, the iPhone 4, can really chew through battery life - especially if you're on the Internet quite a bit (like me) and play games with it (also like me.)  I usually find myself, often, plugging in the phone whenever I get a chance, even in the car, to keep the battery "topped off."  

OtterBox Commuter Series Apple iPhone 4 Case Review

Even though I may have relaxed a bit lately on my slightly obsessive love of protecting my gadgets, I'm still a big fan of busting out the iKlear to make my lovelies shine, and utilizing protective cases whenever I can. The iPhone 4, being (currently) the newest and shiniest of all my gadgets, really deserved some special protection.



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