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OtterBox Reflex iPhone 4 Case Review

OtterBox is a great company that makes great products, make no mistake. They've grown considerably over the years, but always seem to maintain that friendly, next-door family owned business feel. They're also known for innovative cases for gadgets and mobile devices that are unique as well as super-strong, protective, and often water resistant or waterproof. Like an otter's fur, of course. And who doesn't love otters? You don't? THE HUMANITY!

Apple's iPad 2: Incremental Money Grab or Must Have Upgrade?

For every raving Apple fan who will be camping outside their local Apple Store, there's a naysayer dissing Steve Jobs and the fruit collective, and the release of the iPad 2 is bringing no different behavior.

Review of Powermat iPhone 4 Wireless Charger and Powermat 2X


Any iPhone user knows that even the newest member of the family, the iPhone 4, can really chew through battery life - especially if you're on the Internet quite a bit (like me) and play games with it (also like me.)  I usually find myself, often, plugging in the phone whenever I get a chance, even in the car, to keep the battery "topped off."  

OtterBox Commuter Series Apple iPhone 4 Case Review

Even though I may have relaxed a bit lately on my slightly obsessive love of protecting my gadgets, I'm still a big fan of busting out the iKlear to make my lovelies shine, and utilizing protective cases whenever I can. The iPhone 4, being (currently) the newest and shiniest of all my gadgets, really deserved some special protection.

Carcassonne App Review: A Must Have iPhone 4 Game

With the arrival of the much anticipated (and now infamous) iPhone 4 came a slew of "enhanced" or even specifically optimized titles for the new device.  This makes sense, due to the many upgrades in the new hardware, including (but not limited to) the ridiculously high-res Retina Display to the new gyroscope.

Steve Jobs at Apple's WWDC 2010: iPhone 4, iOS 4, iAds, and More

Once again, Apple dominates everyone's Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds, news broadcasts, and souls with its annual WWDC announcements.  In case your world didn't grind to a complete halt at 10AM Pacific Standard Time or you didn't get to make it to sunny San Fran, here's a quick and dirty breakdown.



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