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Windows Phone 7 Series: Has Microsoft Nailed It?

Putting aside my obvious love for Apple products, I have to say that the freshly-revealed Windows Phone 7 Series is quite exciting and has a lot to offer.  Here's a quick rundown from my perspective as a longtime iPhone power user.  (I would check out the video below to get an idea of what the phone will have to offer.)

Pastebot for iPhone Review: A Solid, Polished Mobile Clipboard

The beauty of apps available in the App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch (and soon, for the iPad) is that they typically do one thing, and they do it really well.  Pastebot, a productivity application by Tapbots, is no exception to this trend.

iPhone was unfashionably late to the party with a copy and paste feature, but as soon as it was made available, developers jumped at the opportunity to take advantage of it.  Of all the apps I had heard of, this one sounded like the best to try, and I have no doubts that it is indeed the finest (although I haven't tested any others, I'm pretty confident.)

Apple Jail - Calling It Like It Is

I've mentioned several times in my blog that I'm not a fan of Apple's "controlling" business practices, even going as far as saying Apple treats their customers like "walking ATMs." Apple's clearly continuing this practice with the new oversized iPod Touch they're calling "iPad", which (like its pocket sized siblings) leaves out things like Flash, expandable memory, and all but basic Bluetooth support in order to keep users in Apple Prison.

How To Get Started With Your New Apple iPhone (or iPod Touch)

From the glossy front glass, silky smooth to the touch, to the gently curved back, all the way to the crystal clear colorful screen, the iPhone inspires gadget lust in typical Apple fashion.  Perhaps you're going to be one of the lucky ones receiving this wonder of technology as a gift for the holidays this year. 

Shop Smartphones for the Holidays

I'm addicted to my smartphone, but hey, I'm a huge geek.  I feel pretty strongly, though, that it's starting to get to the point where even your average tech-fearing Luddite will be avoiding the dumbphones this year.  They're so cheap these days, and their feature sets are too powerful to ignore.  That being said, though, which do you pick?  How on earth do you decide between Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, and other OS's?  Here's a "quick and dirty overview" of a few of each major network's most buzz-worthy handsets.



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