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Carcassonne App Review: A Must Have iPhone 4 Game

With the arrival of the much anticipated (and now infamous) iPhone 4 came a slew of "enhanced" or even specifically optimized titles for the new device.  This makes sense, due to the many upgrades in the new hardware, including (but not limited to) the ridiculously high-res Retina Display to the new gyroscope.

Steve Jobs at Apple's WWDC 2010: iPhone 4, iOS 4, iAds, and More

Once again, Apple dominates everyone's Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds, news broadcasts, and souls with its annual WWDC announcements.  In case your world didn't grind to a complete halt at 10AM Pacific Standard Time or you didn't get to make it to sunny San Fran, here's a quick and dirty breakdown.

Opera Mini for Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch: Worth the Hype?

If you're a fan of free software, alternatives to big names, or an all-around browser geek, you're probably familiar with Opera.  This program has been around a long time, and is a decent (or superior, depending on opinion) alternative for Internet browsing.  It's a popular choice on lots of portable or embedded devices as well as mobile phones.

Review of We Rule for iPhone: Farmville, But Not Really

Farmville.  The mere mention of the name can either whip people into a drooling frenzy of exitement and pure joy or a bloody, hateful, destructive rage.  Regardless of which side of the debate you are on, Farmville (playable on Facebook) is extremely popular and here to stay.  We Rule for iPhone aims to capitalize on this by creating its own social, micromanagement based game.  It's been featured on the App Store and is primed to be well-talked-about, for better or for worse.

What is We Rule?

Microsoft Courier: Sweeter than the iPad?

Well, at least I think so.  I went on and on about how cool the iPad is not too long ago, and I still think it's a beautiful device.  I was convinced I'd line up like the rest of the Apple crowd, but I've been waffling for weeks on whether I really want to drop the cash.

Then I saw the preview of the Microsoft Courier.



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