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Review of Opera 10.10 - A Unique Contender in the Browser Wars

What Internet browser do you use?  Internet Explorer?  If so, you're in the majority... over 60% of Internet users still roam the intarwebs with IE, with Mozilla Firefox coming in a distant second at about 25%.

A Mac Lover's Review of Windows 7

Many, if not most of my posts here, are infused with some Mac-ery goodness - no surprise to the rest of the blogging community, journalists, or social media freaks (whom many of which are Apple-heads.)

What about pretty much everyone else, though?  Doesn't it get old hearing everybody yap their traps about how awesome Apple is and constantly diss Windows like the family outcast?  Well, be annoyed no more, as Redmond's latest creation, Windows 7, is super-slick - and rights most of the wrongs perpetrated by the abomination typically known as Vista.

Jolicloud Review and First Impressions

If you're a rabid follower of Caffeinated Pixels (please tell me you are? *hopeful eyes*) then you already know that I currently own and love a Dell Inspiron Mini 9.  Ever since I first unwrapped it from its sparse packaging (fitting for a refurb) I've wanted to get something else other than Windows on it.  Now, don't get me wrong, XP actually runs great and I've used it A LOT.  It's just... so... sluggish... and takes forever and a day to boot.  I can actually crack a beer, make a snack, use the washroom, and change clothes before it's even ready to use.

Matt's Tech Law #5 - Filter Your Own Spam Without Punishing Others


Spam. It's the e-mail you don't want, but is sent to you anyway. In fact, Spam has been around since before the Internet and e-mail became mainstream. They even celebrated the 30th birthday of the first known Spam message last year.

I've been able to watch the evolution of Spam fighting techniques over the years, and while I understand the need for inbox protection from nefarious spammers, I'm fed up with the laziness of e-mail users. 

Review of The Hit List for Mac OS X: A New GTD App

It's really no big secret at all that I love to stay organized... I've blogged about it in the past, and use multiple tools to keep all my ducks in a row.  Yes, my day isn't complete without a Sheldon-esque, meticulously organized and purposed list of to-dos... not to the point of insanity (like our favorite nuclear physicist) but to help me stay organized and productive.  At least that's what I tell myself.



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