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Whether you're new to TechLore or a seasoned gadget lover that follows all the latest news, we're guessing you have a few favorite devices that you like to use.  Maybe you'd like to shout out some of your past gadget love affairs from the rooftops.  Either way, you can now add a list of your all-time favorite electronic toys to your TechLore profile.

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Tech Gifts for Dad This Father's Day

Not sure what to get the old man for his special day?  Forget the "Kiss the Cook" grill apron and the ugly ties.  Get the guy something he'll actually use and love... a gadget!

For the TV Watching Dad - A 3DTV

Most dads (except for mine) really like to watch TV.  Whether it's for their favorite shows on Lifet... er, Spike, or ESPN for sports, it's likely your patriarch parks himself on the sofa at least once in a while.  So, why not bring him to the next level with a 3DTV?

The Apple iPad - Should You Buy One? Should You Care?

I'm going to.

Now, before you dismiss me as some raving lunatic fanboi with red glowing eyes and a wallet with bills sticking out of it labeled "for Steve," hear me out. I was super skeptical at first.

What is the iPad?

So, unless you live in a far-away dimension, or just don't care about tech, you've heard far too much about the much-anticipated iPad.  You've heard the rumors, you saw the liveblog, you peeped the Photoshopped parodies.  But should you care?

Tips for Getting Started with Your New Netbook Computer

I have a pretty strong feeling that just like last year, low cost, tiny, and efficient netbooks are going to be a popular gift.  In fact, you m

Review of Opera 10.10 - A Unique Contender in the Browser Wars

What Internet browser do you use?  Internet Explorer?  If so, you're in the majority... over 60% of Internet users still roam the intarwebs with IE, with Mozilla Firefox coming in a distant second at about 25%.

A Mac Lover's Review of Windows 7

Many, if not most of my posts here, are infused with some Mac-ery goodness - no surprise to the rest of the blogging community, journalists, or social media freaks (whom many of which are Apple-heads.)

What about pretty much everyone else, though?  Doesn't it get old hearing everybody yap their traps about how awesome Apple is and constantly diss Windows like the family outcast?  Well, be annoyed no more, as Redmond's latest creation, Windows 7, is super-slick - and rights most of the wrongs perpetrated by the abomination typically known as Vista.



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