PDA - on loan from techlore

I thought I would really use this a lot. I do, any time I can't find my remote control. It will run my dvd player. (For some reason it has trouble with the TV and I can't find the remote from the TV to use to program it.)

I thought it would be an easy way to check my email, but the security on it is not high enough to check my work email, and gmail doesn't support the format.

Works great with hotmail though.

I had fun with it for two days. Now it just sits in the cradle on my desk. I guess this is just not the gadget for me. I have tried palm pilots in the past with the same reaction. The novelty wears off, I quit bothering.

(Heck, half the time I need to call my cell phone to find it.)

I'm enjoying my new heart rate monitor and my new dryer though.... (The best part is watching someone else do laundry, my kids are learing to do their own.)


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