Mitsubishi convergence IC's used in the differant models

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Good morning. EST..

Good morning. EST.. Mitsubishi Ws-65315...dont know if it's an A model or not
I am unfortunatly back.. My convergage and focus probles stil confoud me.Todays delima as follows. I can focus via th VFRs and then reconverge.. But I am left with a superior picture, that has a screen door effect. ( that optical illusion one sees when a screen moves in the breeze )t reminds me o a ground problem when something interferes with with the tv.. Phone, microwave, tc.. I do have a home computer hooked to this tv, as I use the tv as a moniter for things as webbrowsing, and netflix,,, Unplugging and removing the pc altogether gives no relief. ( It wasn't the problem in the past, and it isn't now.. But I figured that I had to explore that option.) To minumize said screen door effect I readjust and lose clarity in focus..I hav not gone as far s to code for the finer options of R G B.. as they seem to be a lettered cod adjustmet..Is this indeed m next procedure, Or is there an option that I have missed, or even incompleted? thanks... chip

I have a 12 year old

I have a 12 year old Mitsubishi VS-50111, Serial number 128717 big screen television that I'm considering repairing for my daughter. It hasn't been on in years. When I plugged it in, it wouldn't come on - the power button came on for a second and then faded out. I reviewed the previous threads but I want to make sure "an expert" agrees with my prognosis. If I purchase a "blinking light repair kit" will my problem be solved? I also reviewed but it doesn't list a repair kit for my television. Before I pursue this, I'd like to know that I'm on the right track. Any help from you guys would be greatly appreciated. John

Hi, I have a Mit WS-73903 with what I think is a convergence issue.  I purchased and installed the convergence chips from the repair kit but I am unable to locate the Pizo fuses and the convergence resistors on the board. I looked at all of the resistors and did not see any that appear to be bad but I want to be certain. I think the resistors can be checked without removing them from the board. The Pico fuses are my biggest concern I have no idea where these are on the board. If you can help me locate these on the board I would be very grateful.   Thank you,  
This is my first post to the
This is my first post to the site. I have a Mitsubishi WT-46809 giving me a 22 code. From what I have read it more than likely the Convergence IC's. My F9A04 & F9A05 Pico fuses are blown. I have also taken the board out. I see there is a kit which contains the ic's, fuses and convergence resistors. My question is one, where are these resistors located, and two can I test them without taking them out of the board? I have found on Amazon the Sanyo ic's for 15.00 ea. and the Pico fuses for 5.00 for a pack of five. I will have to buy all the soldering equip. as well. I looked at a youtube vidio on soldering and I think I can handle it. It is hard to find repair people to do this at a reasonable price. Thanks everyone for a great forum.  
Hello Larry,   I searched all
Hello Larry,   I searched all day for a service manual for the VS-50805 .   I sure could use the service manual for this VS-50805  that we purchased back in Feburary 2000.   If i'm not mistaked these models WT-46805  WS-55805  WS-55905  WS-65905   WS-73905 might be using the same service manual?  Your list indicates that it is the same chassis V16, not sure what chassis V16 means.  The reason is we noticed we couldn't align the blue lines using the remote or the pots adjustment in front of the TV once the speaker grille is removed .   And in the back of the TV one of the PCB has some kind of spillage or leakage from two areas.  Thanks in advance.   email to this one [email protected]



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