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How to Love Your Music Even More - Just Add the Metadata

Anyone who has ripped a CD in the last year or so has no doubt been pleasantly surprised by the artist and album information that is now available online. The popular PC music management programs like MusicMatch, iTunes, and Windows Media Player will use an available Internet connection to download a huge amount of useful data about the album and store it along with the compressed MP3 files on your hard drive.

Understanding Digital Music Formats

Since the introduction of the Compact Disc in the 1980's, digitally encoded audio has become the most popular method of playing audio in history. Today, a new evolution in audio is quickly changing the way the world buys, distributes, and listens to music. This evolution refers to digital compression.

How to Fix a Frozen iPod

The 4Gb versions (minis) seem to freeze more than the regular ones. You need to reset the iPod in order to get it functioning again. To reset:

Hold the menu and action (middle button) together.

This should reset the iPod.

I have heard some people mention that occasionally some albums appear to be missing after the reset due to database corruption. I have not witnessed any db corruption on mine so I cannot speak to that issue.

A Boy and His iPod: A Love Story



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