Portable Audio / Video Players

How To Encode Video for your AV300

Archos AV300 Hard Drive Upgrade Guide by Glenn L.

GMINI 400 Announcement and Specs

Archos officially announces the new Gmini 400. We reported about the first rumors from a french e-commerce site about 2 weeks ago.

Archos PMA400 30GB Advanced Portable Video Player

Archos announced the new Archos PMA400 at the CES 2005. I4U has a PMA400 video report from the show floor showing the new Archos in detail.

Archos offers the PMA400 for pre-order on their site for a whopping 799.99 Euros. The new player ships on January 31st.

MP3 Player reads 'No File' After Files are Loaded

Regardless of how easy transferring music to an MP3 player is supposed to be, it's not always the simplest task to complete. TechLore has been asked repeatedly over the last month why MP3 players read "No File" when songs have been succesfully transferred using popular software programs like Windows Media Player.

Are CDs a Thing of the Past?



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