A Boy and His iPod: A Love Story

David Hasselhoff once said, "Give me a silver iPod mini and a glimmer of hope, and I will change the world." I scoffed at Hasselhoff. How presumptuous of him! Who does he think he is?!?!?! Still, I could not shake the thought from my head. At night, I dreamed of a silver iPod mini dancing amidst a sea of candy canes....the music in the iPod coming out in crystal clear hi-fidelity audio....it was Frank Stallone's marginal mid-80s hit, "Far from Over". The next morning, I went to Apple website and purchased a silver iPod mini, and on the back I had it engraved (free of charge) with my oath "Hasselhoff, you'd better come through."

My iPod mini arrived very quickly via FedEx and I quickly put Mr. Hasselhoff's entire catalog on it, along with Frank Stallone's album, using the easy to navigate and superbly organized iTunes software. After all of this, I needed a drink, so I went down to the bar on the corner and got a drink. At the bar, a lovely young lady approached and said, "My what a beautiful silver iPod mini. How many songs does it hold?"

I replied, "approximately 1000."

She continued, "I was sent by Mr. Hasselhoff to help you change the world. Let his words be our motivation, and his music be the soundtrack to the change. You have to travel light in order to change the world, luckily you purchased the iPod mini which is so small and portable that it will not bog down our trip, and you purchased the silver color which I find to be the sexiest color of all. Please, I beg of you, let's go change the world...."

I replied, "Honey, let me finish my beer, we'll go make out, and then the world changing starts tomorrow at 11:30AM sharp."

Long story short, I no longer doubt Mr. Hasselhoff and I absolutely love my silver iPod mini. It carries the soundtrack to my life.


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