Portable Audio / Video Players

What's the Best Way to Take My TV With Me?

Here is an unlikely predicament - but a predicament nonetheless. You are about to brave the wild on a deep in-the-jungle camping trip. You take a tent, iron skillet, and fishing pole. But you just can’t miss an episode of CSI: Miami. What do you do?

Sansa TakeTV: A First Look

What On Earth Do I Do With All My CDs?

Your monstrous collection of compact discs has gotten a little out of hand. Billions upon billions of them are scattered throughout your home. They used to be the top-of-the-line in sound quality. Times have changed. MP3s have taken over. And now you have no idea where to put all your CDs or what to do with them. So what do you do?

iPhone Deserves Worship? iWish!

There is one (only one!) downside to being an iSkeptic: I can't report on the iPhone from direct PERSONAL experience.

Why I Want an iPhone

I only have to wait one more day (if I'm lucky) to get my hands on the new iPhone. I am not above waiting in lines for the latest gadget and if ever there was a line for me to get in, this would be it.

What is the Intel Viiv?

(Syndicated from MyDigitalEntertainer.com)

You’ve probably seen the commercials and heard the hype. But what exactly is Microsoft’s Intel Viiv? Simply put, Intel Viiv (rhymes with “five”) is a catch-all for the latest in a growing line of marketing initiatives by Intel. In fact, if you bought your computer after early 2006, chances are you’ve may already have a Viiv.



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