How to Fix a Frozen iPod

The 4Gb versions (minis) seem to freeze more than the regular ones. You need to reset the iPod in order to get it functioning again. To reset:

Hold the menu and action (middle button) together.

This should reset the iPod.

I have heard some people mention that occasionally some albums appear to be missing after the reset due to database corruption. I have not witnessed any db corruption on mine so I cannot speak to that issue.


Just got this website off the History Channel. I have had trouble with my frozen ipod for ages now.. lol... Thanks

thanks a mill!!!!
the first time this happened i just left it and it got better as you would say, that happened about 2 months ago!! now it's all better with ur helping tip

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is about time that I got this answer. I love this site!

my ipod does not work because it has been dead for a while but i dont no how to make it work it wont even turn on how do i make it work?

hurr, i just got this site from the history chsnnel too. i heard "frozen ipod", and immediately came here. it's working! thank you so much!!


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