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I Don't Need No iPod Nano: It's the Sansa Clip (with Rockbox) for Me

I'm always interested in staying at the forefront of technology--as long as it makes sense, is reasonably affordable, and fits somewhere into my life. This usually comes in the form of being the first in line for a new Apple tablet or perhaps adopting brand new gadgets far before they hit their prime, if ever.

One notable exception, however, is the world of MP3 players. Being a self-professed Apple guy and iDevice fan, you'd think my primary music player of choice would be an iPod--but you'd be thinking wrong.

It's a Sansa Clip.

How Old Are Your CD Rips?

I've been trying to get back into music lately, something that's fallen far to the wayside for several years as my listening interests have fallen more and more into talk radio and podcasts. After spinning a few CDs on my home stereo and really enjoying it, I decided to load up my new Windows Phone, complete with built in Zune player, with a bunch of music. 

After listening to a few albums, I was horrified by just how bad my music sounded. I know CDs sound better, but I was shocked at just how significant the difference was.

Review of Monster "Beats by Dre" Solo Headphones

When you live in a small condo with your fiancee, it's important to have a listening solution that not only blocks out annoying TV shows running in the background that you hate, but also to keep the awesome music or video game you are enjoying within your own personal space.  It is for this reason, as well as just merely wanting better sound, that I began looking for a pair of headphones to replace my basic, $20 Sony studio pair.

Tips and Tricks To Fix A Bad Battery In Your Apple iPod

We definitely live in the days of rechargable technology.  I'm not really that old, and I remember when most gadgets took AAA or AA batteries... and getting rechargables included with the device was always an (expensive) upgrade.

Nowadays, though, pretty much every gadget or portable electronic device has rechargable batteries included... MP3 players, PDA's, phones, laptops, even toys.

With the convenience of rechargable batteries does come some problems, however.  Many devices use the Lithium Ion standard type battery, which has many advantages... but in some cases, a limited lifespan as well 

Microsoft Zune: The Forgotten MP3 Player?

Mentally, the local and iconic Woodfield Mall represents Apple, at least to me.  I bought my first Apple product there - an 800 MHz G3 iBook, which was my constant and never-failing companion for over four long, happy years.  I bought a 3G iPod there, too. 

I remember coming to the mall frequently, always stopping by the shiny, relatively new Apple Store and salivating over virtually everything, perusing and digging through the now-removed clearance and refurb section, hoping to find that great deal to make my credit card weep.

So I was there last weekend, after months and months of... well, not being there, and old memories flowed back to me of my first fond moments with Apple, like a first kiss or that one time I drove a BMW M3 and felt the rush of that many horses under my gas pedal.

How To Normalize Sound Volume of MP3 Files

Do you find yourself having to change the volume levels on your Sansa MP3 player everytime the song changes?

Are you turning the volume up to hear soft songs, then getting blasted by louder ones?



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