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Noise Cancelling Headphones - Hear More on Any Budget

Someday, I hope portable music lovers figure it out... you don't have to settle for the crappy headphones that came with your player! In the world of headphones, you can do much, much better. At the very least, a ten to twenty dollar pair of headphones is a cheap way to get a heck of a lot more enjoyment out of your music. The problem: take those regular ol' headphones anywhere else but your quiet living room or the public library, and you'll realize your true enemy... the world.

Beginner's Guide to Bluetooth Technology

Audacity: Free Audio Editor

For those who have read some of my other blog entries, you'll notice that I'm into audio recording, at least voice recording (for now). The program I use to put my voice tracks on top of music is Audacity.

Why Audacity?

Top 10 Windows Mobile Applications

If you are like most people, you have had to purchase a new mobile phone in the last year from one of the large nationwide wireless telecommunications providers. While shopping for a new mobile phone, you were probably overwhelmed by the number of phones being pushed by the retail sales representatives. Today, you can purchase legacy phones, smart phones, and converged phones running a mixture of operating systems that are proprietary to the OEM, Windows Mobile, Palm, Symbian just to name a few.

Shure E500PTH noise-cancelling headphones, with a twist

I'm a big fan of Shure, Inc.  They make the best audio equipment, which started with products for the DJ and performer market.  Over the past few years they've brought the professional level equipment to the masses.  Well, not the masses who buy $9.95 Sony headphones at Target, but anyone willing to spend $99 or more.

This year they introduced the E500PTH headphones, and added what they call "push-to-hear" functionality.  By including a simple microphone, the E500's are able to intentionally amplify the outside world to the listener.  Why would you want to do this?  Two words: flight attendants. 



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