Top 10 Windows Mobile Applications

If you are like most people, you have had to purchase a new mobile phone in the last year from one of the large nationwide wireless telecommunications providers. While shopping for a new mobile phone, you were probably overwhelmed by the number of phones being pushed by the retail sales representatives. Today, you can purchase legacy phones, smart phones, and converged phones running a mixture of operating systems that are proprietary to the OEM, Windows Mobile, Palm, Symbian just to name a few.

This article is to focus on the Windows Mobile platform and to introduce you to the top 10 applications for the mobile professional on the market today. The embedded Windows Mobile 5.0/6 applications (i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Pocket MSN & Internet Explorer) are not discussed in this review due to the fact that they are pre-loaded on your Windows Mobile device. The applications being presented are not in any particular order, unlike Letterman’s top 10 countdowns.

Technology advancements in memory and CPU’s have led to more intelligent applications for Windows Mobile devices. In addition to hardware improvements, wireless data networks improvements have provide a medium for mobile professionals to stay connected, communicate and be productive without the need of a laptop. Most of the top 10 applications are actually included with Windows Mobile 6.0 or they are free for download. This has enhanced the productivity of Windows Mobile 6.0 devices out of the box.

   (1) Skype for Mobile

(Free to Download but requires service plan)

Skype is a software application that allows for someone to communicate to anyone in the world. It requires an Internet connection and it is free if all you desire is to receive calls only.

If you want to make calls to a regular phone number, then an active subscription to a nationwide or international rate plan is required. Skype automatically encrypts all communications including calls, chats and file transfers.


 (2) Opera Mobile for Windows Mobile

(Retail Price: $24)

Opera Mobile is a Internet browser application that claims to offer the fastest, most secure browser for the Windows Mobile handset. Opera Mobile supports Opera Widgets in which they can help simplify your access to certain data.

In addition, Opera Mobile includes Overview Mode and Intelligent zoom both of which provide an improved user experience.


(3) Wayfinder Navigator

(Retail Price: $99)

Wayfinder Navigator has been providing navigation packages for mobile devices for many years. The application provides 3 million points of interest and includes voice map guidance.

For a one time fee, the application will automatically update maps and points of interest. Traffic information and audible speedcam alerts can be enabled that allow for the mobile user to avoid traffic congestion.

   (4) Airscanner Anti-Virus

(Retail Price: $29.99)

Airscanner provides next-generation anti-virus protection for Windows Mobile devices. With the growth in mobile applications, the threat of a virus infection is growing. Airscanner provides a trusted anti-virus application plus they provide many other security applications including firewall, sniffer and more.

  (5) Yahoo! Go 2.0

(Free from Yahoo!)

Yahoo has an application that delivers news, RSS, weather, finance, e-mail, Internet search and other widgets that allow you to customize your experience. Yahoo has revolutionized by ease of access of their core services by incorporating a navigating carousel.

   (6) Google Mobile Maps

(Free from Google)

Based upon Google’s maps, Google has developed an application that will utilize your mobile device’s Internet connection to pull down maps, generate step-by-step driving directions and provides ability to see satellite imagery.

If you can connect a GPS or you device has an embedded GPS, then Google Mobile Maps will utilize the GPS to provide navigation services.

   (7) SlingPlayer Mobile

(Retail $29.99 and requires Slingbox)

Sling Media has developed an exceptional application for watching your TV from anywhere a broadband Internet connection is available. Watch your digital satellite or digital cable while on the road with ability to change channels, view schedules, and schedule shows just like you are at home in front of your TV. Compared to competitive brands, Sling requires less bandwidth that allows for better viewing and more locations.


(8) IM+

(Retail Price: $39.95)

If you are a “textaholic” by having multiple instant messaging accounts (i.e. MSN Messenger, ICQ, Yahoo!, AIM, etc) then IM+ provides a single interface and application to use all of your instant messenger accounts. Simply configure each IM account with username and password then it will log you in automatically.


(9) PocketStreamer DELUXE Entertainment 360 3.5

(Retail Price: $24.95)

PocketStreamer is an application that provides a means for you to stream audio and video content directly to your Windows Mobile device. PocketStreamer will allow you to search through radio channels, watch movie trailers, watch live TV and other multimedia content. 


(10) Virtual Blackberry

(Estimated Price: $250-$350)
For those of us that are anxiously waiting, RIM has announced that they are going to deliver Virtual Blackberry for Windows Mobile devices. Most people that I have talked to believe this will quickly be one of the top Windows Mobile applications.

If you are debating between a Blackberry and a Windows Mobile device then you may want to track the development and delivery times for this anticipated application. 

Article by: Todd Gibson with WebNet Fusion, LLC ( WebNet Fusion is a technology enabler offering technology consulting to enterprises and services providers.


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Article by: Todd Gibson with WebNet Fusion, LLC ( WebNet Fusion is a technology enabler offering technology consulting to enterprises and services providers.


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