Nokia 3650 help -- thank God for the Russians and Slavs!

I love the Russiand and the Slavs, I really do. Trained in mathematics and electronics, they do things that I find amazing. For example, my Nokia 3650 had a corrupted contacts.cdb file, which you can't edit if you use the phone because the file gets locked on boot.

Furthermore, I couldn't hard reset the phone because I lost the lock code.

Nokai was no help, they wanted $100 and four weeks to flash it. T-Mobile was no help, they couldn't flash the phone and tried the defaults... which I already tried.

At this point I thought I should look into a 3rd party gearhead, when I stumbled upon this: You enter your phone serial, it emits the MASTER SECURITY CODE. How Nokia did not have this, I can't tell you. This is why I love the Russians, they turned it into a web site.

And this is why I love the Slavs: is the guy who coded the program, plus a few other amazing bits.

Now my Nokia 3650 is back to normal, and I'm sync'ing with Bluetooth again at 100%.

This site will work with all DCT4 Nokias, which is really only the 36xx and 66xx phones. But hey...



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