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I Found The Perfect iPad Mini / Nexus 7 Tablet Stand...

...and it was only 12 stinkin' bucks.

My whole life, I've zealously protected my gadgets with cases and screen protectors, and in recent times, cases with built-in stands for my tablets.

However, the current crop of svelte, super-sexy tablets like my iPad mini and Asus Nexus 7 demand to be used "naked." The iPad mini feels positively industrial, almost alien, due to its cool metal backing and extreme thinness. The Nexus 7 feels familiar yet sporty with its "perforated" rubberized back, which resembles (not coincidentally, I imagine) a leather-wrapped sports car steering wheel.

I don't want to experience these devices with "protection." I want to raw dog these gorgeous gadgets.

Yet Another Branded Headphone? Review of SOUL by Ludacris SL150's

Before you dismiss me as a slave to the marketing machine--I discovered a long time ago that when it comes to headphones, I'm definitely not the "audiophile" type. My taste in music gravitates to hardcore electronic music, bass-heavy deep house, and virtually all types of metal ranging from brutal death to Viking, and butt-bouncing, stanky funk--with a sprinkle of chillout, classic rock, and bluegrass, but I digress.

New Multifunction Printer: Dell 2335dn

A few days ago, my Canon PIXMA MP830 stopped working—it just wouldn't turn on. A little over a year ago, I had it repaired for other problems; it was actually three months out of warranty at the time, but Canon fixed it for free anyway. Now with it being a year and a half out of warranty, there's no way Canon would be that generous. After deciding that paying to get it repaired would be pointless, I went looking for a new one. I started the way I usually do—I looked at various printers on the Best Buy web site and looked up reviews of them. Since the Canon went through ink quickly (it even used colored inks to print black), I decided to look for a laser printer. And since I rarely have a need to print anything in color (for photos, I just use Walgreen's), I decided a monochrome laser would be fine.

My Homebrew Vacuum Tube iPod Stereo Amplifier and Speakers

Audiophiles and hamfest regulars concur...  vacuum tubes simply produce the best audio for your stereo setup.  Why?  I can't give you the technical explanation, I'm neither an audio engineer nor a self-labelled stereophile.  I can't say that I'm opinionated one way or another as to whether vacuum tubes sound "better" than solid state.

Why I Love Vacuum Tubes

Vacuum Tube iPod Stereo

Matt's Tech Law #2 - Headset Etiquette

As we go through life, we learn what is and is not acceptable behavior. Some of these acceptable behaviors are pretty simple to pick up on and will never change. Don't talk behind someone's back, don't leave the toilet seat up (at least so my wife says), don't pass gas in an elevator, and on and on. Simple, right? Perhaps even obvious? However, tech etiquette is still in its infancy, and the rules of acceptable behavior regarding technology aren't always as obvious as we'd like it to be. What's worse... no one ever seems to be on the same page, and sometimes you have to learn new rules the hard way.

Noise Cancelling Headphones - Hear More on Any Budget

Someday, I hope portable music lovers figure it out... you don't have to settle for the crappy headphones that came with your player! In the world of headphones, you can do much, much better. At the very least, a ten to twenty dollar pair of headphones is a cheap way to get a heck of a lot more enjoyment out of your music. The problem: take those regular ol' headphones anywhere else but your quiet living room or the public library, and you'll realize your true enemy... the world.



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