10 Things I Can Do That iPhone Users Can't

I've been using my new AT&T 8525 for about 3 weeks now, and all this time I've been learning what I can do with my phone while getting used to the quirks of owning a PocketPC/Phone hybrid. I mentioned in a previous post that I was thinking about buying the iPhone, but decided to pass on Apple's Kool-Aid in favor of Microsoft's. So far, I'm glad I did, because (as of right now) I can do these 10 things that iPhone owners can only dream about, and I have to say, some of these things are pretty darn basic...

1. Watch my home TV with SlingPlayer - Consider me a social outcast, but I don't care about YouTube Videos. With SlingPlayer Mobile I can watch my home television programming ANYWHERE. Enjoy those episodes of lonelygirl15 you crazy YouTube lovin' iPhoners, I'll be over there watching real television.

2. Install a program - I've found at least a dozen useful and totally free applications that I could install right to my phone... small things like SKYPE! And there's thousands of other nifty apps out there to explore. So far, there's no third party software solution for iPhone, you're limited to what you can do in the browser through webapps.

3. Type on a real keyboard - iPhone's virtual keyboard works... kind of, but the real keyboard on my 8525 just works better; great tactile feedback, sensor controlled backlit keys, and is super easy to type on.

4. Switch phones on the fly - For those special occasions where it's makes sense to carry around a smaller, regular (and CHEAPER) cell phone, I can simply drop my SIM card into a different phone and go... iPhone users don't get that option.

5. Tether to a laptop as a modem - Even though AT&T is charging me a heck of a lot to do it, I can turn my phone into a 3G modem and hit the Internet at 3G speeds from anywhere I get a cell signal. Maybe they left that feature out on purpose... since it would help everyone realize how slow EDGE really is.

6. Do things in bulk - On the iPhone, there's no way to do bulk things like delete several photos or messages at once. Everything is a manual operation. On my 8525, I select all the things to delete, and press the button once. A phone with a multi-touch display but not a multi-select option, what's up with that?

7. Sync/File Transfer via Bluetooth - Let's overlook the fact my phone uses a standard USB to MicroUSB connection cable that probably everyone has, but I don't even need it thanks to Syncing and file transfer via Bluetooth wireless technology. I don't even need to carry that cable in my laptop bag.

8. Copy/Paste - I can't believe this isn't possible on the iPhone... but it isn't. I would hate having to type everything in all the time. Talk about missing a basic...

9. Replace the battery - I can keep a spare around and change them as needed, and when the time comes, I can replace my own battery for half the cost of the iPhone's battery AND I don't have to lose my phone for three days. In the voice of Comic Book Guy, "Worst idea... ever."

10. Be productive - In all that glitz and glam, there's just not all that many things you can actually do on the iPhone. What it does, it does fairly well (as long as it doesn't involve typing or using the pokey EDGE modem), but you can't edit office documents, make a to-do list, and barely... barely take notes. Until Apple gets down and dirty and starts offering some better productivity software, it will just never be as versatile as a Windows Mobile phone.

I hate sounding like an Apple basher, but I call the shots as I see them, and the iPhone is just too limiting for a hardcore power geek like me. What I will admit is that playing with an iPhone is fun, and that's something my 8525 isn't close to being. But when it's all said and done, I'd rather have useful, customizable, and functional over "fun" anyday of the week.

What do you think?

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Ya, but I bet you don't get a A 300-page iPhone Bill! Laughing

Here's what I know about the iPhone...

  1. Way expensive
  2. No way I'm switching my cell carrior, especially to AT&T
  3. The thing's nifty.  You gotta give Apple credit for their innovative interface design.

Here's what I know about this article...

  1. The whole "ha ha" Simpsons reference is *freaking hysterical*.  I laugh every time I see it ... especially the "featured article" promo image on the front page.  lol... again... 

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