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Apple Announcements: iTunes 9, iPhone OS 3.1.1, new iPods, and More

In a moment greeted with much applause, Steve Jobs made his grand re-entry to the stage today, complete with glowing smile (and a brand new liver.)  What a great way to preface some fresh new announcements, eh?  Frankly, I'm not going to cover the minutiae of each and every announcement (you can follow a liveblog that covers EVERYTHING here) but rather, what I feel is most significant or that really stands out.

Mobile Deposits via iPhone and Other Gadgets... The Future of Banking?

I love banking, don't get me wrong (I used to be in the industry,) but making that extra trip always seems so cumbersome, doesn't it?  I mean, you have to wait in line, you have to fill out a slip, you have to ask the teller your account number because you forgot it, etc.  It all feels so... analog.  Frankly, I love my bank because they can do so many things online and have continued to provide reliable digital services... I haven't written a check in years.  That being said, one bank is taking the digital revolution a step further with their Deposit@Mobile program... USAA.

Apple's iPhone as a Gaming Platform... I'm Finally Convinced

For a long time, I never thought the iPhone would really become viable as a gaming console.  I also thought that a touch screen would not (and could not) effectively replace the beloved gamepad as a preferred method of input for portable games, whether they be strategy, RPG, action, or otherwise. 

The massively exploding popularity of the App Store and the amount of games being sold boggles the mind.  I was skeptical for a while, continuing to lovingly caress my Nintendo DS (and recently, my PSP) until I discovered that some truly fantastic games were waiting for me to enjoy, right on my iPrecious.

Review of Apple's MobileMe iDisk App

A little bit under the radar, a new app has hit the App Store that's an exclusive to MobileMe subscribers.  If you've decided to line Apple's coffers with an additional $100 per year for that fancy email address and online storage, this might make you feel a little better about the money you spent.  Not a lot better, but a little bit better.

How Do I Make Any Song Into an iPhone Ringtone?


I'm searching in vain through my iTunes to find a way to make my favorite songs into ringtones for my iPhone.  I can't seem to find it.  How do I do this?


Well, unfortunately for hundreds of thousands of iPhone owners who want custom ringtones, Apple doesn't make this easy for you.  Of course, you could always buy ringtones from the iTunes Music Store, but what if they don't have your favorite song available?  What if you want to use something completely different, like a video game sound effect or a recording of your kid playing the drums or something?

There are a few ways to do this - a sneaky (and lengthy) "manual" way, or you can use a third party program to make it easy.

The Manual Way



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