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Tetris's 25th Reminds Me Of My Favorite Puzzle Games

In case you didn't notice, on June 5th, one of the most famous puzzle games of all time celebrated it's 25th anniversary... Tetris.  Even Google honored the puzzle-shifting masterpiece with its own custom search page logo.  Game Informer featured a wonderful interview with Alexey Pajitnov - the original creator, who to this day is delighted that his brainchild has inspired generations of gamers to exercise their neurons.

Pre-ness Envy: Will iPhone Users Defect to Palm's Shiny New Superstar?

I hate it when new cellphones come out.  Even if I'm happy with the one I already own, I inevitably lust after whatever's new, eagerly rationalizing the extra costs involved, and at some points in the past, even considered owning two phones (and on two occasions, actually did.)  Which is, like poodles and most vacations to Vegas, wasteful yet entertaining.

As such, here begins a new chapter in my endless gadgetry novel... the Palm Pre.  I'm seriously wondering whether Apple/AT&T is going to lose some customers over this little beauty... there's a lot that it does that's really tempting.  Here's some of the reasons why I (and probably others) would consider defecting to the Palm-side...

My Name Is Peter, and I'm An App User

An iPhone App user, to be exact.  I'm starting to feel like I've become some kind of social pariah simply for owning and using my iPhone.  Since when do I have to explain myself?  I guess it's because a lot of iPhone users are jerks.

I saw this article today, about those who have become "app-noxious."  Some of the behavior is deplorable, but I'd like to make my case for iPhone apps... when used with some sense.

Review of the Dark Spire for Nintendo DS

I'm absolutely in love with Atlus, a game company after my heart.  They typically either create or publish games that are unique, unusual, very "Japanese," extremely difficult, or a mix of some or all of the above. 

One of their freshest titles exemplifies at least three of these qualities, if not all of them - the Dark Spire.  This game is definitely NOT for everyone, and is reserved for only the most hardcore, self-deprecating pale-skinned dungeon dwellers out there.  Not that I'm like that or anything ;)

Review of The Hit List for Mac OS X: A New GTD App

It's really no big secret at all that I love to stay organized... I've blogged about it in the past, and use multiple tools to keep all my ducks in a row.  Yes, my day isn't complete without a Sheldon-esque, meticulously organized and purposed list of to-dos... not to the point of insanity (like our favorite nuclear physicist) but to help me stay organized and productive.  At least that's what I tell myself.

Review Of Skype App For iPhone

Huzzah... now I won't have to buy an extra handset!

Skype Application for iPhone 3G

I've been using Skype for quite a while now, for both business and personal calls.  It's a beautiful service, really, allowing me to make crystal-clear calls around the U.S. & Canada for virtually nothing (about $3 USD per month total for the service plus $20 USD per year for my own local number.)  If you hadn't read my previous entry, see my other reasons why Skype is teh awesome.



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