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Retro Game Review: Ninja Gaiden for the NES

I have a bone to pick with Tecmo.  I stand here wondering why games like Bionic Commando, Super Mario Bros., Punch Out!!, and so many others are getting remakes but the original Ninja Gaiden is not.  Well, there are new members in the Ninja Gaiden series, including the upcoming Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 for PS3... but they're all fancy, 3D slash-n-adventure types. Booorrriiing.

Jolicloud Review and First Impressions

If you're a rabid follower of Caffeinated Pixels (please tell me you are? *hopeful eyes*) then you already know that I currently own and love a Dell Inspiron Mini 9.  Ever since I first unwrapped it from its sparse packaging (fitting for a refurb) I've wanted to get something else other than Windows on it.  Now, don't get me wrong, XP actually runs great and I've used it A LOT.  It's just... so... sluggish... and takes forever and a day to boot.  I can actually crack a beer, make a snack, use the washroom, and change clothes before it's even ready to use.

Ditch Your Landline and Save Some Cash With VoIP: Skype, Ooma, and MagicJack


cptdano from the forums asks:

"We have done away with land lines in our house. Do you have any ideas of another way we might accomplish something similar?"


The country is in a recession, and your cellphone bills are high enough.  The last thing you or anyone else needs is yet another outrageous telephone bill, but your local cable and telephone companies keep on pressuring you to sign up for their included landline service.

Mintpass Mintpad: Internet Tablet Done Right?

Back in the day, a mobile device that could browse the Internet was incredible, expensive, hard to find, and often cumbersome.  I remember how absolutely cool it was to browse the mobile web from my Sprint PCS Vision phone, although it was only black-and-white text, of course.

Before the advent of the iPhone, the Palm Pre, the BlackBerry Storm, HTC Mogul, T-Mobile G1, and other phones fully capable of browsing the Internet gracefully - the Internet tablet attempted to bridge the gap. 

I always wanted an Internet tablet, but they were far too expensive and limited to make it worth it, and besides, only a few years later I was able to browse the web reasonably well on my PocketPC with a tethered Bluetooth connection.  My phone didn't have a decent browser or PDA capabilities, but my PDA did.

Tetris's 25th Reminds Me Of My Favorite Puzzle Games

In case you didn't notice, on June 5th, one of the most famous puzzle games of all time celebrated it's 25th anniversary... Tetris.  Even Google honored the puzzle-shifting masterpiece with its own custom search page logo.  Game Informer featured a wonderful interview with Alexey Pajitnov - the original creator, who to this day is delighted that his brainchild has inspired generations of gamers to exercise their neurons.



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