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MobileMe: Not Just For Hippies (And Why I'm Not Yet Buying An iPhone 3G)

Even I'm getting sick of all the Apple hubbub that's going around. It's all you hear about every time there's a Keynote. That being said, I love the news, but it again feeds into my fears that Apple is getting a little too big for their britches, and that bad things could come from their growth and mainstream appeal.

Retro Game Review: Venture (ColecoVision)

Fond memories came rolling back in when I fired up one of my favorite old ColecoVision games, Venture.

Venture embodies many aspects of gaming that are long, long extinct. There's a heavy emphasis on accumulating a high score, it's devilishly difficult, has no "real" ending to reward you for your accomplishments, simple graphics and music, and a lot of repetition.

The treasure screen.

Outlet Outrage

We call them "road warriors." Or maybe just "huge nerd" would suffice. Some are students, others dyed-in-the-wool geeks. Whatever, it doesn't matter. The bottom line is that all of us have seen this particularly non-elusive breed of tech aficionado, usually sitting at a Borders, Barnes & Noble, or especially, a Panera Bread cafe. We're breeding like rabbits.

Virtually all of these establishments either condone or even encourage people to pull up a chair, stay awhile, fire up your laptop or phone, and take advantage of the Wi-Fi hotspot. Panera Bread even encourages patrons to make their restaurant their meeting place, and they offer free Wi-Fi access, too.

Why Wii Fit Will Never Replace DDR

Yeah, I was fat. Really fat. Do you like scary transformation photos? Keep readin'.

Apple Computing Bliss... Will It Last?

Yesterday, I made a pilgrimage to the local Apple Store to purchase a beautiful new Apple Aluminum Keyboard. The thing is absolutely beautiful. I'm typing on it now. I'll bet you're jealous (unless you already have one.)

But seriously, though, looking at other keyboards out there, this one wasn't a bad buy. It's not like it will run you back over $1,500 like an Optimus Maximus, and compared to a lot of other Windows oriented type keyboards, it was actually cheaper. Imagine that.



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