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Top Ten Signs You've Been Playing Way Too Much Fallout 3

Befitting to the game that basically destroyed my social life for the past two months (and reviewed recently), I've put together a short list of ways that you can tell you're just a little too addicted to Fallout 3.

Remember, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

So, here goes:

Tips and Tricks To Fix A Bad Battery In Your Apple iPod

We definitely live in the days of rechargable technology.  I'm not really that old, and I remember when most gadgets took AAA or AA batteries... and getting rechargables included with the device was always an (expensive) upgrade.

Nowadays, though, pretty much every gadget or portable electronic device has rechargable batteries included... MP3 players, PDA's, phones, laptops, even toys.

With the convenience of rechargable batteries does come some problems, however.  Many devices use the Lithium Ion standard type battery, which has many advantages... but in some cases, a limited lifespan as well 

My Homebrew Vacuum Tube iPod Stereo Amplifier and Speakers

Audiophiles and hamfest regulars concur...  vacuum tubes simply produce the best audio for your stereo setup.  Why?  I can't give you the technical explanation, I'm neither an audio engineer nor a self-labelled stereophile.  I can't say that I'm opinionated one way or another as to whether vacuum tubes sound "better" than solid state.

Why I Love Vacuum Tubes

Vacuum Tube iPod Stereo

Highlights Of My First CES In 2009

I'd been in Vegas before, and what a crazy place it is.  It was about 5 years ago, for a nationwide manager's conference.  I was stuffed into the Flamingo like a sardine in a can with almost 300 other employees, with 4 days of nonstop meeting days and 4 nights of nonstop... studying... for the next meeting.

But let me tell you, I have never been so exhausted from a work related journey than I was after CES 2009.  Had I followed some sage advice, I probably would have been better off... but no, I lugged around that heavy bag and wore dress shoes.  My feet still hurt and my shoulders were sore for days.  I actually wore holes through brand new socks.

Want a Free Ride to CES? Show Your Love For Boxee!

Ahhh... CES.  The most exciting event of the year for many tech aficionados, where manufacturers tout their newest, hottest wares amidst the beauty and non-stop pace of Sin City.  You'd love to go, wouldn't you?  The folks over at boxee are giving you just that chance... if you're willing to help spread the word about this awesome new social media center.

If you're not familiar with boxee, well, you should be!  If you've ever streamed media across your network, watched video podcasts, or watched an Internet video source like Hulu, boxee is perfect for you.

Roguelikes Return with New Titles for Nintendo DS, Wii, and PS2

Were you ever an @?

Sounds like a silly question, unless you ever played a "roguelike" game way, way back in the day.  If you know... you know.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, have you ever played Diablo?  If so, then you've tasted the pure joyness that this style of dungeon crawling game can bring.

What's a Roguelike?



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