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Mint: A Fresh Approach to Cleaning Floors, With A Robotic Twist

Ok, ok - I know the title is cliche.  However, I couldn't resist.  Forgive me.

Moving on.  For brevity's sake, let's say that I saw a metric ton's worth of sweet gear at CES 2010.  Everything from media streamers to iPhone skins to Android phones and back again were on display for showgoers' ogling pleasure.  After a while, all of the iPod clones and netbooks start to swim together in a blurry soup of semiconductors and colored plastic, leaving you with nothing but callouses on your feet and a mean headache.

Review of Apple's Magic Mouse... Mighty Mouse Part Deux? Or Not?

The Mighty Mouse.  The mere mention of the "pointing-device-who-shall-not-be-named" evokes deep regret and even rage in the fan-iest of Apple's devoted fanboi crowd.  The loathing for this overpriced hunk of plastic pervades the Internet, and I echo that hatred.  I liked it at first, but eventually the little scrolly ball failed, prompting me to attempt surgery and repair it.  I, of course, failed miserably and it ended up a cracked hunk of junk in the circular file.  So much for that.

Apple's Magic Mouse

Shop Smartphones for the Holidays

I'm addicted to my smartphone, but hey, I'm a huge geek.  I feel pretty strongly, though, that it's starting to get to the point where even your average tech-fearing Luddite will be avoiding the dumbphones this year.  They're so cheap these days, and their feature sets are too powerful to ignore.  That being said, though, which do you pick?  How on earth do you decide between Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, and other OS's?  Here's a "quick and dirty overview" of a few of each major network's most buzz-worthy handsets.

Review of Opera 10.10 - A Unique Contender in the Browser Wars

What Internet browser do you use?  Internet Explorer?  If so, you're in the majority... over 60% of Internet users still roam the intarwebs with IE, with Mozilla Firefox coming in a distant second at about 25%.

MobileRSS iPhone App Review

I don't know, but it just seems like RSS is so under-rated.  It certainly takes a backseat to Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Alltop, StumbleUpon, Reddit, and so many other online services that bask in the glory of media attention and daily mention basically everywhere.  Some even declare that RSS is dying, soon to be replaced by Twitter (or whomever else.)

A Mac Lover's Review of Windows 7

Many, if not most of my posts here, are infused with some Mac-ery goodness - no surprise to the rest of the blogging community, journalists, or social media freaks (whom many of which are Apple-heads.)

What about pretty much everyone else, though?  Doesn't it get old hearing everybody yap their traps about how awesome Apple is and constantly diss Windows like the family outcast?  Well, be annoyed no more, as Redmond's latest creation, Windows 7, is super-slick - and rights most of the wrongs perpetrated by the abomination typically known as Vista.



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