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Aircooler jackstrap

No comment whatsoever.
It's a photoshopped work of art from the guys from syncmag. Not a real
Looks dangerous too.

Logitech got new desktop kit with remote

Toshiba ships 40GB 1,8 inch HDD

Seems like Toshiba finally done it. They began shipping 40GB 1,8 inch HDD and later this year will sell a 80GB version. Of course they're using the Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR), their own patent.
The 40GB HDD is allready in use by the new Toshiba Gigabeat F41 MP3 player which can store up to 10.000 songs in it's new belly.

News, trends & weird gadgets

Well... this is my first post so I'm a little nervous.
In my blog I will try to bring you the latest news, trends and some weird gadgets. I write for an IT magazine in Romania so that's what I do best. I hope to be usefull to the community and sometimes make you smile (part of it will be from my poor English).

Viva Las Vegas...!

Pictures to come, but here's the generally gist: I took my Nokia 3650 and my new Dell Axim 50v with me, in lieu of a laptop and the cellphone pairing. I can tell you all a few things you may or may not know about this combo:

  1. Have your chargers available. I had chargers for both, while a buddy of mine only had his car charger for his phone. He had to watch his usage every day as a result.

  2. Cellphone signals have gotten dramatically better in Las Vegas since I last visited in 1996 (awhile). I got five-by-five in all but the innermost parts of casinos, and I had 100% coverage in every LA elevator I was in (yes, Jack Bauer's cellphone really does work that well in LA, apparently).

backyard gadget - stone mold



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