Logitech got new desktop kit with remote

Logitech is unstoppable. They announced lots of punds of media desktop kits with laser, LCD's and Bluetooth 2.0 conectivity but nothing seems much cooler than the Cordless Desktop S 510 Media Remote. Basicly it's a cordless media desktop like every other stylish one you know from Logitech but the remote knocks me over. I wouldn't be that surprised if I wouldn't buy a few weeks ago a PC infrared remote for PC. I just got bored of geting up from the sofa just to press the freaking B in Winamp. My mistake for not bothering to make elaborate playlists. The Logitech remote controlls about all the multimedia from your computer including rotating photos in your slide.
It's going on sale in US and Europe (that means Romania too) in September for $100. The version without remote is $80 but where's the fun without it?



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