backyard gadget - stone mold

I am putting walkways in my garden using a pathmate mold. I am slowly eliminating all of the grass in my backyhard, and replacing it with paths and flowers. (I have a very small backyard.) It will take me about two more years to get it exactly where I want it.

I decided using a mold and concrete would be the easiest way to get the paths that I wanted in the garden. I am still learning how to do this. It wasn't very hard or very expensive, I had the results in the picture with just over an hour of labor (two people)

What I learned:

Buy the more expensive concrete with sand only not gravel for a more natural look (I got the cheap stuff.)

Turn the mold each time so you don't get a repetitive pattern.

I started in the far back corner of my yard so I could learn on the part people were least likely to see.

The mold was easy to use, and concrete was way easier to work with then I thought it would be.


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