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Gadgets - room by room - #1 in a series

I'm hooked...Knights of the old Repulic - Sith Lords

It has been a while since I got into a video game that I really liked. My son rented the most recent Star Wars Game, and he has been fighting to get it back from me ever since. He woke up this morning around 10 am, and wandered down stairs to find that I was already playing it.

I find as I get older (sigh) I like first person shooters less and less and role playing games more and more.

My all time favorite game is still Sonic the Hedgehog (though Tetris gives it a run for its money.)

The newest star wars game is great. You can move good or evil depending on your responses and actions. They have pretty good dialog choices. I also like the options to take a break and play a "game" in the game. I can play cards or drive race cars. (I have always liked driving games.)

Sonos - Long term review

Finally having a break to get back to this, it seems like the most interesting recent 'gadget' purchase is a Sonos Digital Music System. Everyone keeps asking my opinion of it, so to keep it all in one place:

Video Game Programming

A little background...

I am an Instructor of Computer Science at McHenry County College. I currently teach programming, microsoft office, and web design classes. I have both taken and taught classes online. (I recieved my masters degree entirely online through Capella University)

I mention this because I will be blogging a bit about my new interest - video game programming.

I am working on bringing in some video game programming and design courses to MCC, and within the next two years I hope to have a couple of certificates and a degree approved by the state.

We will be working closely with local high schools, offering classes for dual credit (high school and college credit at the same time.) Later this summer, I will be teaching a week long summer enrichment class for high school students in Flash animation.

Bring on the Jargon!

Technology is both a blessing and a curse, though I tend to usually be in the camp petitioning that it's more often the former. But lately I've been wondering if a lot of the problem isn't the technology, but the way we talk about it.

People sometimes accuse me of using jargon when I speak about technical matters. This is a necessity - I'm often talking about things and concepts that are not easily describable in everyday language. What people often misunderstand is that I'm not being overly technical when I talk - I'm being exactly as technical as I have to be. "Jargon" doesn't confuse things - quite the contrary. It makes things clearer.

When talking about (or to) machines, precision is required. Machines can't "do what we mean, not what we say." By my reckoning, this is the basis of probably 90% of people's frustration with machines.

More fun with digital photos

It is great fun to move your favorite pictures into one file and set that file as your screen saver. You can have all your image files loaded randomly and displayed on your screen as your screensaver.

I get extra enjoyment out of my favorite photos this way.

for step by step directions:



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