Steve Jobs at Apple's WWDC 2010: iPhone 4, iOS 4, iAds, and More

Once again, Apple dominates everyone's Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds, news broadcasts, and souls with its annual WWDC announcements.  In case your world didn't grind to a complete halt at 10AM Pacific Standard Time or you didn't get to make it to sunny San Fran, here's a quick and dirty breakdown.

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  • The iBooks app will now view PDF's, and it looks pretty featureful.
  • iBooks will be included in iOS 4, allowing you to sync bookshelves across iDevices.  


  • Netflix will be releasing an iPhone app, similar to the iPad app.


  • FarmVille on iPhone.  It will either change your life or depress and annoy you.


  • Created to help devs (and Apple) make more money.
  • Will be turned on July 1st for iOS 4 devices.
  • Designed to be emotional and interactive, and keep people in-app while ad is delivered.

iPhone 4 Hardware

  • Definitely the biggest announcement of the show...
  • except for that it was already leaked.
  • All-new design with A4 processor, with front and back glass and steel sides
  • "Thinnest smartphone on the planet" at 9.3mm
  • Front facing camera & back facing camera (latter with LED flash)
  • All-new camera system, 5MP, illuminated sensor
  • "Retina Display" with 4X pixel density
  • Enhanced battery life
  • 3 axis gyro + compass = 6 axis motion sensing
  • 720P video recording at 30 frames per second

iMovie for iPhone

  • Will be $4.99 in App Store
  • Full video editing, with themes, on iPhone

iOS 4

  • New OS for iDevices - already announced, but renamed
  • Multitasking, stacked icons in folders, unified inbox, and more
  • Upgrades free for all devices, available 06/21
  • Not all features will be supported on iPod Touch or iPhone 3G


  • iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 Video Chat
  • WiFi only
  • Front or rear camera, portrait or landscape view

Pricing and Selection

  • Available in white or black
  • 16GB version = $199, 32GB = $299 (contract pricing)
  • AT&T will let you upgrade if your contract expires anytime in 2010
  • 3GS will be $99
  • Pre-orders start 06/15
  • Availability on 06/24


Personally, I'm torn on this one.  Of course, I want the iPhone 4 - but since my iPhone use has dwindled notably since my iPad purchase, perhaps a $99 3GS is in order.  

I don't think any of the announcements this time around have been earth-shattering, but the iPhone 4 is certainly a worthy addition and enhancement to Apple's iDevice lineup, and iOS 4 will improve the experience across the board.

Post your comments below... I'd love to know what you think!

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