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Your projects have photos, notes, and audio.? How are you keeping it all organized???


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hello experts! i need help on my tv panasonic tc-21fj20p vertical diode replacement. diode code...

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The Z-Wave Alliance, celebrating the second anniversary of its Advanced Energy Savings Thermostat...

Archos AV300 Overclock FAQ

Orignally created 6/23/2003

What does Overclock mean?

  • Overclocking means running the CPU (DSP) at a higher frequency - all CPUs run at a set Frequency. For the AV300/AV100s the options are: 94.5, 99, and 108mhz (Standard, Overclock Yellow, Overclock Red).

What does the Overclock setting do?

Ask The Experts: Trouble With DVD+RW

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I have a Mico DVDR311 DVD recorder. It will play discs, but when trying to record on new +RW discs it displays "disc error".

-submitted by steve16

I own a Canon S1 IS Digital Camera

How To Disable Demo Mode on a Magnavox TV

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My magnovox tv, Model Nbr tp2770c10, went into Demo mode and I can not get it off No Buttons work. I upluged it waited a while, but it's still in that mode

What do I do?





Seems like a simple thing, but with virtually no support information from the Philips website, this can be tricky problem.

Resetting Parental Lock Code on Playstation 2

The Playstation 2 is not only a video game system, but also a DVD player as well. In many families, the Playstation 2 serves as the "kids" DVD player, which means that many parents choose to take advantage of the parental lock feature to limit what kinds of movies the Playstation 2 will play back.

Use a Camera's Delay Timer to Include Yourself in the Picture Too

If you thought the only way you can get in the picture is by asking a nice stranger nearby to take it for you, think again. Most film and digital cameras offer a delay mode, which delays when the picture is taken. This delay (usually 10 seconds) allows ample time to get yourself into the image before the picture is taken.

To make this happen:



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